Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Biker, A Thesbian, and a Sicky

So, it has been a busy few days. Bethany stayed home from college for a couple of days because she had a virus that had her down. Was she a bit more dramatic than maybe she needed to be? Well, maybe, but how often is she sick? I can give her extra pity once in a while;) Cheney has been busy getting ready for his play. It is two weeks from tomorrow! Yikes! So much to do. They have been working on building the set and getting their lines down. Cheney just loves doing plays, so it is a good busy for him. Davin went to PT on Monday night and we were talking about his dream of having a bike. Davin has wanted a bike since he was about 5 years-old. We have had to wheel him out of more than one store while he cried and cried because he wanted to sit on the bikes a bit longer. So sad. A bike for Davin costs over a thousand dollars which is ridiculous, but what can you do? Anyway, at therapy, they had a bike that kind of worked for Davin. It didn't have enough support for him, but with a few extra hands, it was fabulous! Davin was beside himself the entire time he was riding it. I had to run out to the car and get Cheney so he could see this dream coming true! It was so fun and we left with many smiles on our faces.

In the meantime, Alan and I have been weighing some big decisions and spending time in prayer concerning those things as well. Life changes and moves on and we want to be following the Lord in all that we do.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Little Road Trip

Davin and I just got back from a little road trip! On Thursday we headed out with some kids from our youth group to check out Cedarville University. Cheney and Alan had already been there, but Davin and I had not seen it, so off we went. (I think it is in the running for colleges that Cheney is considering at this point.) Davin could not have thought the trip was any better! He loved everything about it. He loved the long, long, long car ride. He loved the tours. We also visited Grove City College on the way to Ohio. He loved where we stayed. He just loved everything. It was funny. While we were at Cedarville, I got to visit one little teenager from upstate NY that I used to teach as a Sparky and then later when she was in junior high. That was very nice. We also got to see friends of ours who moved a couple months ago. Fun! It was a long, long ride for a short stay at the college, but I must say it was nice to visit Cedarville. I really appreciated the attitude that I got from the students. Chapel was wonderful and the spiritual energy was wonderful to be around.