Monday, October 13, 2008

Report from Dr. Herman

Davin saw Dr. Herman today. Dr. Herman is his ortho surgeon who did his surgery a year ago. He said Davin's x-rays look great! His other hip is still fine and it couldn't be better. He said we have done a great job:) (Love that) The only thing we need to think about is whether we will take out the hardware in Davin's hip. It is a rather large piece of hardware and it is very visible from the outside of his hip. Dr. Herman usually removes it when a person is as thin as Davin is. To remove the hardware would require the same surgery basically, minus sawing the bone. Yikes! I didn't realize that. I believe he would be casted again as well as he wouldn't be able to move it for 4-6 weeks. So, we will wait and see how things are in 6 months.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

1 Year Ago

Yesterday was one year ago since Davin's hip surgery. The date is so etched in my mind since there were so many things to do to prepare before the big surgery date between the surgery itself and the upcoming wedding. When I think back to last year and all that Davin went through, I am so thankful for God's grace through that trial and I am thankful that He chose to answer "yes" when I asked that He restore Davin to what he was prior to surgery (meaning no feeding tube, or c-pap machine, etc.) God did!

Tomorrow we go see Dr. Herman, the doctor who did Davin's surgery. Davin LOVES Dr. Herman and I must say, I like him a whole lot, too. He was the only person in the hospital who knew who Davin really was. He would come in everyday and try to encourage me and make sure Davin was doing alright (even though none of his issues were ortho-related).

Thinking back to last year, also reminded me what a surprise support system my blogger friends have been. I have known many of you for over a year now and you prayed with me and with my son through that trial.

Praise God that in August, Davin's therapist reported that he was back to what he was physically prior to surgery. Davin didn't eat real food for about 6 months after his surgery, but last night, he tried to out-eat his father and brother.

Now I have the opportunity to pray for Dennis and for Kyler as they face medical issues. It is such a privilege to be able to support other mothers in the same way I was supported.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Now More Details

So, last night, I wanted to let you know the big news! This morning, I thought I would share some more details. None of us thought that "B" would understand enough in just two weeks to make a commitment to Christ. It went through our minds, but seemed like he just had too far to jump. Let me back up and tell you the background.

Last week, on the way to NJ, Bethany and "B" were talking. He was not sure he was going to like Awana, especially the part where you had to learn verses. He asked Bethany if he could just bring his homework in and work on that while others learned their verses. He said that he just really didn't like the Bible. (That was just a week ago!!!!!) Anyway, Bethany said that was fine and put no pressure on him. He does not have much of a church background at all.

So, last week, I wrote how super excited he was and how much he shared with Bethany. This week, (they both come home to our house and have dinner with us and play rock band:) he came ready to pass his section. As he was working through the handbook time he ended up with a question. He told Bethany that he was looking and looking for the answer about how to have faith, but he couldn't find the answer. It was time for counsel time, but Bethany shared with her Dad that B had a question about faith.

Alan and B ended up going to talk. Alan didn't think there was any way that B would understand everything, but as he was talking to him, felt led to explain further and further. Alan told me at the end of the night that B had gotten saved, but I didn't hear the whole story until Bethany relayed it to me through the words that B had told her. He explained to Bethany that man had fallen because of sin and that the punishment for sin is DEATH! He then told Bethany not to worry because Jesus paid the penalty for that sin on the cross and that if he believed that, he could live with him in heaven forever. He then told Bethany, "I believe it. All of it!"

Bethany shared that the most exciting thing about heaven for her is that Davin will be able to do what all of us can do. He will be able to walk and talk. Well, B has a brother who has "problems", too. He said, "Do you mean that when we get to heaven, my brother won't have problems anymore?" (Oh, this is really getting me choked up...) Bethany said that it is true if his brother believes in Jesus as his savior, too. So, B is going to make sure he shares everything with his brother. When they got home, his brother was asleep, though, so maybe today:)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


"B" asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior tonight. I stand in awe of an awesome God. Enough said.