Friday, September 28, 2007

Giving Blood

So, as you all know my son Davin is having hip surgery in less than two weeks now. The doctor let us know that Davin will need 2 units (I think it's units, but it is 2 of something) of blood during the surgery. You can decide to take the blood from the general public or be a direct donor. I thought that would be great because I could DO something for Davin in that way. Anyway, my Mom and I decided to do that and went today. My Mom was able to give blood as planned, but I failed the iron test! My iron was too low to give. Bummer. I told my Mom that meant she would have to give extra (not really) and then I took her out to lunch. What a nice thing for her to do for her grandson. I was so touched by her gift today as I watched her lying on the table with the blood being pumped out of her arm. Blood that in two weeks will be pumped into my son. Precious gift. My husband gives blood often. It has never been something that I have done, but I think maybe I should think about doing it again (when my iron is up, of course). My Mom was given a sticker that says, "Be nice to me. I gave blood today." I think I will do that.

If any of you want to check out anymore information on Davin, he has his own website. It's There are pictures of all of us and a letter that I wrote talking about how it is to be his Mom.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Silly Girls

Here is a silly picture of my girls, Ashleigh and Bethany wrestling in our old living room. It has been so much fun to watch them grow up and be best friends. Sisters are so great!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Details, Details

I have been very busy the last two weeks with details. Details about the wedding. Details about Davin's surgery. Then there are all of the details about normal life. I tend to be good at doing one major thing at a time and no more than that, so I am struggling to keep getting my details done for two major things and while still keeping life going. God is in control, though, and things are getting accomplished. I am feeling good about the wedding. Things seem to be falling into place. I am not feeling GOOD about the surgery, but the details that need to be done beforehand are falling into place as well. I know that God will give me peace as we get nearer to that day.

I feel like I have mentioned three of my kids quite a bit, but poor little Bethany has been left out of my posts. So, I will write about her. Bethany is a junior in college this year. She is majoring in Bible and Social Work. She hopes to one day be a child psychologist. She has awesome people skills and loves with a fierce, loyal love. Last week Bethany called us to let us know that she had been in an accident. A car rearended her while she was merging into traffic. Thankfully she is well and so is her friend Kelly who was riding with her. I thank God that he has watched over my girls as they drive here and there.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

13 Things About Cheney Boy

My son Cheney is away on a high school retreat, so I thought I would write 13 things about him since I miss him!

1. Cheney is a morning person (big time!) and always has been.

2. Cheney loves Jesus and really wants to be a good man someday. (I think he's on his way.)

3. Cheney really likes pretty girls.

4. Cheney is very helpful around the house, but does forget to take the trash to the end of the road quite often.

5. Cheney is very strong, especially now that he has big muscles, and helps me carry heavy things.

6. Cheney used to sound just like his sister Bethany and then his voice started to change and he sounded just like his sister Ashleigh and now he sounds exactly like his Dad. He likes it much better this way!

7. Cheney is a junior in high school (I feel a little tear forming in my eye!)

8. Cheney loves to play soccer.

9. Cheney really likes being in plays. (Martha, do you remember all of our plays with Mrs. Beaver??? It has really stuck with him!) A couple years ago, he played a really sinister man with a big scar (Arsenic and Old Lace) and the night before opening night, he jumped over a banister and scraped the entire left side of his face!

10. Cheney had his first stitches when he was 10 months old. That was when I thought it would be a really good idea to put him in a padded room.

11. Cheney is 6 feet and 1 inch, but his goal is 6'4". I guess it is good to have goals.

12. Cheney is learning to play the guitar.

13. Cheney has a little brother who can not talk or walk and Cheney has always been such a good older brother. Every time Davin sees Cheney it is like the most exciting thing ever. From the time the boys were little, Cheney would carry Davin downstairs so they could watch cartoons together. His brother thinks he is the best ever and so do I!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Little Overwhelmed

I'm having a bit of trouble lately feeling overwhelmed. You know that as a Mom, we feel like we have to take on everything and make sure things get done. There seem to be so many BIG things in my life right now in addition to the normal things. I know that this season will pass, but for right now, it is taking so much energy. In addition to my normal life (i.e. raising two teenage boys and maybe giving a bit of advice to my two college girls, working, and serving in my ministry at church), I am trying to plan my daughter's wedding which will be in January. I am trying to get all of the planning done by the time that my youngest son, Davin, has hip surgery. He will be in a body cast for 4 - 6 weeks and during that time, I do not anticipate being able to do much except care for his needs. There just seem to be so many details for both of those major events and yet I don't want this time to pass by too quickly. At the end of this time, my daughter will no longer be sharing our last name. We will no longer sign her name when we sign Christmas cards and she will have another home. I am very glad that I know I have a Savior who cares about the details in my life and I don't have to do it all alone.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Trouble With Getting Married

Getting married is quite a stressful time. Today is a bad day for my daughter Ashleigh and her fiance Kevin. They are planning to be married on January 4th. Please pray for them if you think of it. There are many bumps and detours on the way to getting married, but I suppose they help to prepare us for all of the bumps and detours that occur after getting married.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Advice About Hair Cuts

I have learned a valuable lesson, I think. I now think it is a good idea to take your 16-year-old son to the barber/salon to get his hair cut instead of having one of his parents cut it. This is especially valuable if it is the day before school. We have had a tense couple of days as Alan cut Cheney's hair and it went shorter and shorter and shorter. 16 year-old boys (at least in my house) tend to be sensitive about how they are going to look on the first day of school. At this point, the money saved was not worth the pain and suffering felt by all.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I am finally a blogger!

This is very exciting! I finally figured out how to make my blog. I have had this one for over a year, but didn't know how to find it again. Thankfully I have a very smart husband who could help me. Since this is my first posting, I thought I would try to list 100 things about me.

1. I am 40 years old.
2. I have named my children in alphabetical order.
3. Ashleigh
4. Bethany
5. Cheney Alan
6. Davin
7. I married my high school sweetheart (and I am so glad I did!)
8. I lived in Ontario, NY for 8 years.
9. 8 years is the longest I have lived anywhere as an adult.
10.I have moved 16 times in 22 years.
11.I have brown hair.
12.I have blue eyes.
13.All of my children have blue eyes.
14.I love Jesus Christ.
15.It is hard to believe that God sent his son for me knowing all the trouble I would be.
16.My oldest daughter is getting married in 4 months.
17.I have run over a vaccuum with a Suburban.
18.I got in a bit of trouble for running over the vaccuum.
19.My husband has a construction company.
20.My husband has a real estate business.
21.I broke both of my legs when I was 16.
22.I have a golden retriever.
23.I have a beagle puppy.
24.I have been a substitute teacher.
25.I enjoy scrapbooking, but wish I took better pictures.
26.My handwriting is very neat.
27.I can french braid my own hair.
28.I never went to a prom.
29.I graduated from high school with honors, but didn't go to my graduation.
30.I went to college for one semester.
31.I have two daughters in college.
32.I have been on a Navy ship many times.
33.I have been to Prince Edward Island.
34.I have wonderful parents.
35.I love to eat lunch out.
36.I have one sister.
37.My sister is my best friend.
38.My husband is almost a foot taller than I am.
39.My son is almost a foot taller than I am.
40.My youngest son has cerebral palsy.
41.I like tulips.
42.I also really like daisies.
43.I have my ears pierced.
44.My husband had his ear pierced. (Shhh.)
45.I work in Awana and have for many years.
46.I also work with the senior high at my church.
47.I have 9 neices and nephews.
48.I work for my husband.
49.I used to work for my brother-in-law.
50.I go on a date once a week with my Dad.
51.I am so glad I get to go on a date once a week with my Dad.
52.My Dad had a traumatic brain injury and had to learn everything all over again.
53.I have homeschooled each of my children at different times.
54.I do not homeschool anyone anymore.
55.Three of my children are juniors in school.
56.I played soccer and softball in high school.
57.I enjoy writing.
58.My favorite book of the Bible is James.
59.I am very practical.
60.My husband and I are exact opposites.
61.I shop at Super Fresh.
62.Sometimes I get to go to Wegmans because they have one here now.
63.I almost cry when I am in Wegmans because I miss Ontario, NY.
64.I do not cry very often.
65.I am not ticklish.
66.I remember making myself not be ticklish.
67.Even on my feet.
68.I have known my husband since I was 9 years old.
69.We rode the same bus.
70.I was friends with his sister.
71.My daughter Ashleigh and I have the same middle name.
72.I had all of my children by the time I was 25 years old.
73.My Mom had her oldest child when she was 25 years old.
74.Both of my grandmothers died in 1995 and I still miss them.
75.I have a very long name.
76.I kept my maiden name.
77.I love things to match.
78.I wear glasses.
79.I have lived in Virginia.
80.I lived in Orlando, but never went to Disney World when I lived there.
81. I was born in New Jersey, but moved as soon as I got married.
82.I went to the same school for kindergarten that my Dad and grandmother went to.
83.I lived in the same house the whole time I was growing up and my parents still live there.
84.My grandparents were blueberry farmers and my Dad knows a lot about blueberries.
85.We had a tree fall on our house last October.
86.I make excellent pies.
87.I love having both boys and girls and think they are both so much fun in very different ways.
88.My grandfather (the other one) was in the Army and served in WWII.
89.I failed my driver's road test the first time I took it.
90.I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
91.I live on a dirt road.
92.We have a well (I didn't realize so many people still have them, but here they do!)
93.My favorite color is blue.
94.I buy one purse and use it until it's unusable. (My mom thinks this is a terrible thing to do.)
95.I used to want to be a lawyer.
96.I am not very good at Dance Dance Revolution.
97.I do not like golf. It seems very frustrating to me.
98.I live right next to a creek.
99.My baby is 14 years old.
100.I LOVE sandals and flip flops. They are the BEST!

I made it! Yeah! That was hard.