Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Day for Cheney oh, and I'm Back From Vacation;)

I am back from vacation! Isn't it nice that I could go away for such a looooooong time. Just kidding. We were gone a bit over a week and it was very nice. We really enjoyed Atlanta, GA and I do hope to be able to post some of our pictures, but you know I am not the swiftest at that....

Today was a milestone in Cheney Boy's life. It was a day that he has thought about and hoped for for a long time. He took his driver's test today......and he PASSED!!! I must say that I am hoping I did not show the shock on my face that I felt in my heart when I asked the instructor if he passed and he replied, "yes". It has been interesting to see each of my kids learn to drive and see how some are so natural at it and others are not. I will not say which kid is which. Anyway, we took his test, went to the DMV, got the actual license with the serious as can be face of my son on it, and were done 45 minutes after our appointment. Plus, the test and the DMV are NOT at the same place. I do not know what the DMV has done to streamline things, but every time I go in there lately, I am expecting a few hours like it used to be and they have me in and out in no time. Mad props for the DMV of NJ!!

Let me see, other happenings in our household since I last posted. This may sound awful and lazy, maybe, too, but for the last two weeks I have not had a car because Bethany's is broken and she needs to use mine for her jobs. So, I am "stuck" at home with no way to go anywhere and I have been LOVING it! Davin and I get his exercises done, we get things cleaned in the house which have been left undone for so long because of my busy schedule with working, etc. It has been fabulous. Several days, we took naps just because we could;)

I have always known that I enjoyed being a homemaker, but after a long stint of working and running myself ragged, I am so at peace being at home in my house and working on things and being here when my kids get home from jobs, etc. It is just what I am called to do. Even though my kids are getting pretty old, I so enjoy having dinner ready for them, having a treat made (which I was never having time to do) and listening to them when they wanted to talk. It's pretty cool to listen to your 21 year-old share her dreams and hopes when she gets home from work. It's nice to be able to ask Cheney how his day was and hear him groan when I tell him I am making something he doesn't like for dinner;)...okay not everything can be peachy. I may be of a strange breed that likes to be stuck at home, but I just don't see it that way. I feel so privileged to be home for these weeks and be able to serve my family and rest my mind and body.

Thank you Lord for giving us exactly what we need when we need it.