Monday, December 06, 2010

A Time to Weep

Buster Elvis Hester
January 1, 1997 - December 6, 2010

Today is a sad day. Our dog, whom we had for 12 years, died today. Buster was part of our family for a long, long time and it feels strange without him today.

I always said that Buster was going to kill himself one day. You see, he was so bad about stealing food. When he was a bit younger, he stole entire loaves of Italian bread, sticks of butter, ate chunks out of a birthday cake, and stole hamburgers right off the table when no one was looking. Even today, that makes me smile. Buster was doing great (he even had a surgery three weeks ago) until Thursday when I was out with my Dad. While we were gone, Buster got into two pizza boxes that were left out and he probably ate an entire pizza. I think whatever he did to get the pizza boxes down (I always thought it would be interesting to have a camera so I could see what in the world he did to sneak food) hurt him somehow. The next day, he had trouble getting up and wanted to sleep outside. He was doing much better on Saturday and even ran away:-) You could never count that dog out. He was such a tricker. He was not feeling good, but managed to run away and take advantage of the fact that I had taken his leash off.

In the midst of my sadness today, God remains so faithful. He cares about my sadness over a dog. I am thankful for a God who cares about the details of my life and my family's life. God decided to have Buster die today and Alan is home today. He was so sweet and took care of so much this morning for me. Tomorrow Alan will be in Rochester. In a month, Alan, Davin and I will all be in Rochester and Bethany will be here alone. I would not want her to have to deal with this all by herself, so I am very thankful for God's perfect timing.