Saturday, August 11, 2012


I must say that it is rather strange to re-move into a home.  There is also something very comfortable about it.  The area is not new, the house is not new.  It fits. 

We moved  back to our little house on the meadow one week ago.  Davin and I have been packing, unpacking and sorting for almost two weeks now.  I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Davin is over it!  He is ready for his life to have a little fun in it and I am pretty sure he does not want to see me organize one more closet or unpack one more box.  Poor Davin.  Last night we did take a little break and head over to my in-laws for some dinner and visiting.  Davin was thrilled. 

I feel like I have a new attitude since coming back.  Maybe God needed to move me away to deal with my heart.  There was time that was wasted since living in NJ.  I never seemed to quite be settled in some ways.  I kept waiting for something else to happen.  When we move into our own house... When we put an addition on the house...  You get the picture.  So do I.  No more living like that. 

So, I have taken our cute little house and organized it like crazy.  I have hung new pictures on the wall and taken a lot of time to arrange the furniture.  It feels like home. 

I have one more room to tackle today to make my goal for the week.  You see, a certain Cheney Boy is coming home from vacation with Renee's family tomorrow.  He will be here for one week and then be moving back to college and onto the rest of his life.  I am ready to suck every second out of the next week with my boy. 

I feel like singing, "I've Got a New Attitude"!!!