Saturday, February 18, 2012


Tonight, Davin was sitting on Alan's lap.  Alan must have rubbed Davin's face with his scruff and accidentally rubbed in Davin's eye.  I wasn't watching what was happening since I was on the phone, but all of the sudden, I saw Davin's eyes shut, his face turn red and he was about to burst into tears.  I told my sister I would call her back and ran over to Davin.  Alan explained he thought he scratched his eye.  Davin sat there with his eyes closed for many minutes (Davin cannot keep his eyes closed on purpose generally.  If ever he can, he loves it and pretends he is asleep and then laughs).  I got a wet washcloth to see if it would help it feel better.  He hated the wash cloth.  So, we sat there and waited until he felt like he could open his eye so I could look at it.  I am envisioning a doctor appointment or something.  Then, Davin throws his head back with his eyes closed and starts throwing his arms out wildly in front of him like he now has to feel his way because he is blind.  Then, comes the giggle.  Since he hurt his eye and could control having them shut (it really was red and it was tearing up), he figured he would play a little joke.  He thought he might pretend that he was blind.  What a funny guy.  I called my sister back and explained what had happened while Davin listened intently with a huge smile on his face:-) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

True Love

I am taking a guess by assuming that when Alan and I got married one week after my 18th birthday, there were probably bets as to how long we would last.  We were young, but we knew a secret.  The feelings might not always be there, but the commitment, the true love can be.  We made a commitment before God to continue to love each other.  That is an action, it is a verb.  We have not always done it beautifully, but we are in this for the long haul, and truthfully, most of it has been a joy. 

Happy Valentine's Day to my Alan Scott!  I love you and am so glad that God chose you for me. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Maybe You?

When Davin was diagnosed, it was crushing.  I felt like I was literally just broken into pieces.  The "perfect" family that I thought I had was now ruined (or so I thought).  I was scared, I was overwhelmed and I had no idea what I was in for.  Then the equipment started invading our house.  First, a corner chair came.  Then, a stander and later an adaptive stroller.  This different world was taking over my house, my life. 

If I had gotten to choose my life (or what I thought was the perfect life), I would have missed out on so very much.  I would have missed out on the blessings that God brings our way because of the path He chose for us.  I would have missed a sweet note from a man that we met several months ago as he described how Davin has touched his life.  I would have missed so much. 

I can imagine that the thought of having a child who is so dependent on you might seem scary.  I thought it was scary, too, once upon a time.  You might look at me and think it is great that I do it, but that you could never have the patience, love or endurance to do it.  Or maybe you do have what it takes. 

Today I got an email from a woman who shared information about a little boy who is waiting for a forever family.  He is 5 years old and was born with cerebral palsy just like Davin was.  His story is different, though.  He is living in a children's hospital and has been there for his entire life.  His birth family is not able to care for him at home and have made the loving decision to allow him to be adopted so that he can go HOME.  I watched the video of Alex here and my heart melted.  He appears to be so happy.  I can't even imagine how he will blossom living in a home with a family.  What are you missing out on by not being his Mom? 

Check out the website and see this adorable little boy who has so much to give a family.  His smile and laugh are absolutely beautiful.  If you would like more information about sweet Alex, please contact Debra.  

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Little Dabin

Ashleigh is a nanny for 2 year-old twin girls.  They have done a couple of things with Davin and I and talk about Davin now or really they say "Dabin".  Right before Christmas, the girls came over with Ashleigh and we all made cookies together.  We had such a fun day.  During the day, the girls were playing with a school bus toy and we gave it to them.  It is one that has a ramp and has some little people that go with it.  Ever since they got the bus home, the girls began calling one of the little people "Dabin":-)  It is always the same one and both girls always call that one particular little dark-skinned boy "Dabin".  It is adorable.  The other little people are just boy or girl.  Cracks me up!