Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Thanksgiving Menu

I have been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. It is so nice being home so much with Davin right now. I can spend some time baking and doing things that I don't always have time for. I have been working on my menu for tomorrow and my Dad and I have spent time out shopping for all of our ingredients. We are having....

24 lb. turkey
stuffing (a combination of my mom's recipe and my mother-in-law's recipe)
broccoli casserole
yummy salad (jello kind of salad)
applesauce (I made it for the first time today!)
blueberry muffins
mashed potatoes

Having a turkey dinner is not one of my favorite meals, but I have always loved preparing everything with my Mom. She and my Dad have almost always come to our house for Thanksgiving even when we lived far away from them. I believe the first time they came was in 1989. Alan had just come home from a Med-cruise. He was in the Navy and had been gone for 6 months. We had two little girls (4 and 2) at the time. My parents drove down to Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with us and we had a wonderful time making all of the food together. Nice memories.

What are you having for dinner tomorrow?? Do you have the same thing ever year or do you switch things up??


Heather said...

Oh, and we're having cranberry sauce. I forgot that.

Martha said...

We usually have most of the same things year after year...
turkey, stuffing and potatoes,
sweet and sour red cabbage,
green bean cassarole, squash, corn cassarole,
Boston Brown bread, dinner rolls, and pie, pie, pie!

The kids still miss the Harvest dinners we used to have with church. I do too.

Martha said...

Oh, and we're having cranberry sauce. I forgot that.

Bethany said...

And pickles and olives!

Heather said...

Ooh, sounds good. I forgot about the Harvest Dinner! My kids always did enjoy going so much.

Oh, and we have pies, as well. How could I forget the most important part of the dinner?

Gudl said...

Sounds all very good!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Kim S in SC said...

Heather, what wonderful memories we share around the table. Thank you for sharing yours! Hope you have had a wonderful day! God is Good! And we are thankful!!
In Him,

Shelly said...

This years menu was a bit skimpy... and yet we were all plenty full! Mostly what was missing was the pies.... But we had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit, crandberry sauce, rolls, hmmmm... was that everything? Oh and I had made cookies for s'mores. Oh yes, and one tradition - gingerale with white grape/raspberry juice ice-cubes. The kids always look forward to that! I wanted a green veggie... but I forgot to get it!! I'm such a bad planner when it comes to these things! No matter how hard I try something gets forgotten. Anywayz... hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

gmj said...

I have waited for T. to blog what she as the hostess had, HA on that. Shrimp cotails, turkey, stuffing, white potatoes, candied yams, green bean cassarole, jello/cottage cheese/coolwhip/pinapple salad, waldorf salad, cranberry relish, gravy and mincemeat and pumpkin pies, Oh yeah. We was very full turkeys..