Sunday, October 12, 2008

1 Year Ago

Yesterday was one year ago since Davin's hip surgery. The date is so etched in my mind since there were so many things to do to prepare before the big surgery date between the surgery itself and the upcoming wedding. When I think back to last year and all that Davin went through, I am so thankful for God's grace through that trial and I am thankful that He chose to answer "yes" when I asked that He restore Davin to what he was prior to surgery (meaning no feeding tube, or c-pap machine, etc.) God did!

Tomorrow we go see Dr. Herman, the doctor who did Davin's surgery. Davin LOVES Dr. Herman and I must say, I like him a whole lot, too. He was the only person in the hospital who knew who Davin really was. He would come in everyday and try to encourage me and make sure Davin was doing alright (even though none of his issues were ortho-related).

Thinking back to last year, also reminded me what a surprise support system my blogger friends have been. I have known many of you for over a year now and you prayed with me and with my son through that trial.

Praise God that in August, Davin's therapist reported that he was back to what he was physically prior to surgery. Davin didn't eat real food for about 6 months after his surgery, but last night, he tried to out-eat his father and brother.

Now I have the opportunity to pray for Dennis and for Kyler as they face medical issues. It is such a privilege to be able to support other mothers in the same way I was supported.


Kelli said...

THATS wonderful. You know I think of all my imaginary bloggy friends as real friends. we go through trials and heart aches together. We see miricles and enjoy lifes treasures also together. I am glad Davin tried to out eat dad and brother, isnt that the icing on the cake! Being a mother is the best and at times the worst. I wouldnt not do it but boy can it break your heart at times and bring such joy that its almost the same heart breaking (in the opposited) feelings. Know what I mean? or am I rambling. take care, have a great sunday afternoon, thanks for the prayers.

Martha said...

Wow! Has it been a year already? I'm so glad Davin is eating real food again and up to where he was last year physically. He is always such an encouragement to people around him. I love that I am have been blessed to know you as a friend and now keep you as a bloggy friend too.

Angie said...

(((hugs))) Can't believe it's been a year either. So glad to hear he's doing well. Thankful he was in the good care of that doctor. God is so faithful.