Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Birthday Boy

Happy 16th birthday, Davin Boy! I can not even believe it has been sixteen years since you entered my world!!

I was going to share some of my story of Davin's life and the struggles we have gone through together, but I think that is better left for another day. Today is his big 16th birthday and I am celebrating Davin today!!! I will share 16 things about Davin.

1. Davin has very flirty blue eyes.(He knows how to use them. I can remember when he was as young as 7 months old and he was batting his eyes at someone:)

2. Davin is the baby in our family and we do not let him forget that. Okay, well, I don't, anyway.

3. Davin has a wheelchair that is black and has sparkles in the paint.

4. Davin is in grade 9-2. He gets to stay in each high school grade for two years if we want him to. I don't see any reason not to.

5. Davin has a great sense of humor.

6. Davin sleeps with our puppy Rocky every night. Rocky sleeps right on his legs, but it doesn't seem to bother him.

7. When Davin was born, they immediately said that he looked just like his Daddy.

8. Davin adores his Daddy and his brother Cheney and wants to be just like them.

9. He also adores his sisters Ashleigh and Bethany and they have always taken excellent care of him.

10. He has a one-on-one aide at school and I have always thought he feels badly for the kids who don't have one. Maybe they are just not special enough or cute enough???? (I think that is what he may be thinking)

11. Davin has been flipped upside down in his wheelchair at least three times. Once on a playground, once in a ditch and once on the Awana circle.

12. He models patience for me constantly.

13. Davin is very social and loves to be around the action. You can not do anything without him knowing it, because he is always watching.

14. Davin LOVES to eat and he really LOVES to eat sweets!

15. Davin rides a yellow bus to school and he much prefers that over his mother taking him.

16. I am not sure what my life would look like without this boy. He has changed who I am in so many ways and I have learned so much from growing with him.

It's going to be a great day!

Cheney had some to add even though it makes more than 16:)

17. Davin LOVES to be naked. He also likes me to make a big deal about how he is naked and I don't want any naked boys in my living room.

18. Every day is his birthday. Whenever anyone is singing happy birthday, Davin is grinning from ear to ear like it is for him.

19. Most every day is the "best day of Davin's life" AGAIN!!

Good job, Cheney. You know your brother well.


Christine said...

Happy birthday Davin! What a wonderful tribute to him!

Martha said...

Happy Birthdya, Davin! (Why do I always forget whether he is one day before or one day after Ben?)

Davin was just about three years old when I met him in the nursery at church and Hannah was just a few months old. What a lot of years have passed in that short amount of time! I can still see him wearing blue overalls and a red shirt... smiling over his daddy's shoulder... crying at the costumes when something special was happening... and getting all excited when there was a celebration. He was in my Sunday school class for a while and Cubbies too. He always had a smile, except when he was mad at me. I'm so glad he has been a part of our lives!

Kelli said...

I love that he can go 9-2. That would have really helped Kyler, learn at his pace and not just move on.Tell him WE all said happy birthday to him.

Bethany said...

Happiest of birthday! You are so old now!

Rachel said...

What a nice post. He sounds wonderful! Happy Birthday, Davin!

Heather said...

Yes, Martha. I remember, too. Hannah thinking she was much older than her age all the time, Ben's stories in my 2 & 3 year old class about bears being in your house... and I have trouble remembering which way Ben and Davin are, too:)

I will pass on the happy birthdays upstairs. He just got a musical card from his bus driver and he is playing the song and dancing with his head. So cute.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Davin! This was such a moving post for your little guy. What a blessing he is!

Heather said...
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jenniemac said...

One more addition about Davin, he never looks at his Aunt Jenny when she is talking to him, even though she sometimes takes him cool places in her van :)

Heather said...

That is true, Jenniemac and you know how he LOVES going places in your van. I almost put that in as a fact about Davin. He just has so many interesting facts about him.

Miss Melanie said...

Happy Birthday, Davin. Here are my Davin facts!

He is my sunshine!!

I am a better person for knowing Davin.

When I'm on praise team and wave to him, I am sure people are wondering who I'm waving to, and aren't I a bit too old to be waving to someone. But to get his big smile, it's so worth it.

Davin brings out the best in people.

Davin likes peek-a-boo and he makes me laugh.

I can't sit near Davin in church because I distract him so much. But if he happens to make eye contact, I can't help waving at him!

Michelle said...

Ok, I have tears in my eyes after reading the post and comments. Happy Birthday 16th Davin! And I will never forget when you spent the night and really never went to sleep! Such a trickster you are-LOL!

Sherri said...

Happy Belated Birthday Davin! I was glad to learn a little more about him. I hope you had a great day!

Shari said...

Happy Birthday Davin!

Joe Fool said...

Hooray! I also had trouble remembering what side of Ben's birthday Davin was on, all I remembered is that he had Ben beat by a year. I miss him, when is he coming to visit?

joeks said...

Sounds like Davin is a wonderful blessing!

p.s. You've been tagged.

Kim said...

I know I'm late but Happy Birthday Davin!