Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tagged, but this time not embarrassed...

I was tagged by my friend Kelli. Thank you Kelli!

8 Shows I Watch:

(I really don't watch much t.v., mostly DVDs, so I will try:)
1. The Office
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Jon & Kate Plus 8 (If Alan is not home:)
4. The Amazing Race
5. Little People, Big World
6. Good Morning America (I left The Today Show after they were so offensive a few months ago)
7. That's all I can think of.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. laundry
2. kept Davin home from school since he was still sick
3. did nebulizer treatments for Davin
4. took the dogs out
5. made a blueberry pie for Alan to take to work
6. ate pizza with my extended family for official "pizza night"
7. talked to my long lost friend on the phone
8. worked at Three Nails Construction

8 Places I Like to Eat:

1. Bertuccis
2. Five Guys Burgers and Fries
3. Panera Bread
4. Friendlys
5. Outback Steakhouse
6. Pirones
7. TGI Fridays
8. Fuddruckers

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1. All my kids being together
2. Adding to our family hopefully someday
3. Having an addition put on our house
4. Heaven (Davin will be able to walk all by himself!)
5. Vacation
6. Awana
7. Evenings with Alan
8. Seeing my children serve the Lord

8 Things on My Wish List:

1. A kidney for Kyler
2. Davin to swallow all the time
3. A wheelchair van (I think, although I am really dragging my feet, so am I really ready???)
4. Dinners where I only feed myself:)
5. Hardwood floors
6. Countertops
7. Three Nails to thrive
8. Davin to read (and us to know that he reads;)

I won't tag anyone else, but this was a fun list, so maybe you should try it.

For a Season

Our family has moved many, many times over the years. I believe we are living in our 14th location presently. Some were local moves, but many of them were not. At each stop of our lives, God has blessed me with some amazing friends. It has been sad to leave each place, but I could always look back and see how God provided just what I needed for that time in my life. Just yesterday, I reconnected with my very best friend of my late teens and early twenties. We met when our husbands were both in the Navy and we were living in Navy housing in Saratoga Springs. We each had one very young child and I was pregnant with my second. One day we sat on the playground and watched our children play. I told her of my "plan" for having children. I was going to have four. I would have my third when Ashleigh went to kindergarten and my fourth when the new baby went to kindergarten. She said she hadn't thought about it, but thought that sounded like a good plan. We both did just that. It was so much fun to talk to her on the phone and catch up with our now grown and nearly grown children. God had us to be friends at a time when we were without our husbands a great deal of time. We relied so much on each other and we also grew so much in our faith with our Savior at that time. When we moved to different locations, we parted with many tears and much sadness. Through the years we had kept in touch here and there, but just recently reconnected and what a pleasant surprise. God really does provide just the friend that I need, just when I need them. We are at such similar stages in life and have so much to share.

Monday, November 17, 2008

So Much to Think About

Yesterday my husband and my boys and I were blessed to be able to go to Washington D.C.'s Holocaust Museum. What a journey it takes you on. Two of my children have researched this subject extensively in school, but I do not remember learning much about it while I was in school. While my children were learning about it, they shared a lot of things with me, though.

It really made me think about a lot of things. Adolf Hitler never pretended to be someone he was not. From the very beginning, he told everyone what he stood for and what his intentions were. He was clear as could be. His reign did not happen over night. It was gradual and the whole world watched it happen.

I looked at so many pictures of people. People who were certainly just like me and just like you. They had hopes and dreams for their families. They had so much to offer the world. Where in the world did anyone get the idea that they did not deserve to live and were less worthy than someone else. They often times didn't know what they were about to face. I read about the different policy changes that went into effect. Little by little, rights were taken away from entire groups of people. There are so many sad aspects to this that it is hard to wrap my head around it. It certainly gives me much to think about. I don't want to forget what I learned and what I saw.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Birthday Boy

Happy 16th birthday, Davin Boy! I can not even believe it has been sixteen years since you entered my world!!

I was going to share some of my story of Davin's life and the struggles we have gone through together, but I think that is better left for another day. Today is his big 16th birthday and I am celebrating Davin today!!! I will share 16 things about Davin.

1. Davin has very flirty blue eyes.(He knows how to use them. I can remember when he was as young as 7 months old and he was batting his eyes at someone:)

2. Davin is the baby in our family and we do not let him forget that. Okay, well, I don't, anyway.

3. Davin has a wheelchair that is black and has sparkles in the paint.

4. Davin is in grade 9-2. He gets to stay in each high school grade for two years if we want him to. I don't see any reason not to.

5. Davin has a great sense of humor.

6. Davin sleeps with our puppy Rocky every night. Rocky sleeps right on his legs, but it doesn't seem to bother him.

7. When Davin was born, they immediately said that he looked just like his Daddy.

8. Davin adores his Daddy and his brother Cheney and wants to be just like them.

9. He also adores his sisters Ashleigh and Bethany and they have always taken excellent care of him.

10. He has a one-on-one aide at school and I have always thought he feels badly for the kids who don't have one. Maybe they are just not special enough or cute enough???? (I think that is what he may be thinking)

11. Davin has been flipped upside down in his wheelchair at least three times. Once on a playground, once in a ditch and once on the Awana circle.

12. He models patience for me constantly.

13. Davin is very social and loves to be around the action. You can not do anything without him knowing it, because he is always watching.

14. Davin LOVES to eat and he really LOVES to eat sweets!

15. Davin rides a yellow bus to school and he much prefers that over his mother taking him.

16. I am not sure what my life would look like without this boy. He has changed who I am in so many ways and I have learned so much from growing with him.

It's going to be a great day!

Cheney had some to add even though it makes more than 16:)

17. Davin LOVES to be naked. He also likes me to make a big deal about how he is naked and I don't want any naked boys in my living room.

18. Every day is his birthday. Whenever anyone is singing happy birthday, Davin is grinning from ear to ear like it is for him.

19. Most every day is the "best day of Davin's life" AGAIN!!

Good job, Cheney. You know your brother well.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Singing and Dancing

Today I was blessed to have both of my girls at home for the whole afternoon. We had such a good time together and Davin certainly found it much more entertaining than when it is just the two of us after school. We played lots and lots of music that we had listened to so many times while the girls were growing up and of course, we had to do some "living room dancing". That was a favorite past time for many years and still is. I really have some great moves:)

Sunday, November 02, 2008


I was tagged, but not in the normal "blogging" sense of the word. You see, the other day, my sister and I made plans to meet for lunch. I put on a new outfit and was feeling pretty good. I headed into work to get a few things done before going to meet her. I walked into the restaurant and sat at a table and waited for my sister. We had a very nice lunch and then headed out to our cars. It was at that point, that my sister (so lovingly and with hardly any laughing at all) took two HUGE stickers off of the back of my new pants. Of course, I really just wanted everyone to know I had on a new pair of pants AND what size they were:) My sister could barely keep herself together, she was laughing so hard. I realized I would never again be able to eat there and it also explained why the man in the restaurant had been staring at me. So, off I went to the grocery store to pick up a couple things I needed. I picked my purse up when I got to the register (realizing that no one in the store had seen my earlier spectacle) and saw that the two huge stickers were stuck to the outside of my purse that I had been carrying around on my shoulder. Naturally, I hurried to my car and called my sister to tell her this news that would give her an even bigger boost to her day and make her feel pretty good about how she was doing today:)