Friday, April 10, 2009

South Africa

Okay, I must have had something wrong when I typed the blog address last time. The team has arrived safe and sound and will keep us updated through the blog. Here is the address:) Please let me know if that doesn't work. And, yes, Martha, wouldn't it be cool if Chey and Nate one day met up on the mission field?

This has been a super busy week with getting Cheney ready, having the Awana Grand Prix, having a Duffers for Davin meeting, and trying to get some work done, too. Now Bethany is home for Easter weekend and we are with just our blond kids. Since they are our pretty quiet ones, it is pretty quiet around here. The only time it gets kind of loud is when Bethany makes Davin mad and he screams at her. You all know Davin is non-verbal and he is pretty easy-going for the most part. However, lately, there are a couple of things that Bethany does, that make him scream and I mean SCREAM! The first thing is if she takes his yogurt. I will get out two yogurts for him and while I was feeding him his first one, Bethany wanted to take the other one and have some. Davin was not going for that. Bethany did not think he should be so greedy, but in all fairness, she had tacos and he knows he can not eat those. He only had those two yogurts. I might be a little stingy about that, too. Yesterday, Davin brought home a big bag of candy that his bus driver gave him. Well, Bethany decided to get into that just to get a reaction and it worked. Davin screamed again, although I don't think he was as angry as the whole yogurt thing. Besides, he can share his candy. Different thing altogether. It is funny to see him figure out new ways to get his point across and I think it's very smart of him.


Kelli said...

kids will be kids no matter how they show it, its all the same huh

Martha said...

The link is working! I will have to check in from time to time and see how things are going. Very cool.

I hope your blondes behave for you. They are rather big to take over the knee.

The King's Christian School South Africa Mission Team 09 said...

Hey mom way to never leave a comment on the blog! Just kidding... tell everyone I said hi.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.