Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happenings at the Hester House

Time is marching on awfully fast lately. In the last month, Cheney has been to South Africa and back, been to Orlando for his senior class trip, gone to his senior formal and Davin has completed three weeks of intensive physical therapy. All of the events were exciting in lots of different ways. Cheney's trip to South Africa seemed incredible. What an experience! He was able to share with some people, bond with a boy at an orphanage, and visit a gaming reservation. Davin's three weeks of PT was amazing! I keep waiting for him to stop progressing since he is older now. This time amazed me and amazed his therapists. It is hard to describe it to you because he did not start walking or talking or anything like that, but my boy was putting different things that he has learned to do over the years together. He was deciding to do things without being asked to do them I(and let's face it, sometimes begging...). Davin was keeping himself in a hands and knees position and then keeping his balance to stand up on his knees. Wow! Davin really didn't have balance just a few years ago. He is pretty awesome. I think Davin has a different work ethic now that he is older and that has helped him, too. We are no longer begging him with games, etc, but he is just doing what he needs to do. Cheney's formal was very exciting, too. Davin made the final decision concerning Cheney's tux and it was fun to help him get ready to go.

Okay, the big news coming up is that Cheney has decided where he is going to college!!!!!!!! I can not tell you what a struggle this has been. Should he go far, should he stay, and on and on. We were waiting on the financial info for one more school (his top choice) and when that finally came back after quite a bit of time, it seemed clear what God had for Cheney for the fall. The sad part is that in August, we will be driving our son to Illinois and dropping him off. He will be attending Wheaton College. The good news is that Bethany has moved back home and will be living here from now on since she will be doing her four day placement next semester and it is local. So, I am trading one for one!

The other big news in our house is that my Bethany is bringing home a boy for us to meet on Thursday night. Okay, I guess you have to call someone who is 25 a man:) Anyway, Bethany has not been one to date. She has always known what she is looking for and was pretty quick to rule a guy out. It seems that this guy is a bit different and it has been fun to hear her talk about him. Since she has never been boy-crazy as a teenager and has waited so patiently, we have never heard her talk about someone like this. Fun stuff. Of course, Alan is waiting to see what he thinks when he meets him. He also let Bethany know that if he doesn't approve, the deal is off. You have to love having a Dad who cares:)

As we go through all of these exciting things, I am reminded of two families who have had their lives turned upside down. I continue to pray for Brett and Paige and all they have before them.


Mrs. L. said...

Good to read about what's been going on with you. When are we going to Friendly's!!!

Kelli said...

boy is there alot going on in your house. love the top picture.

Michelle said...

WOW! We really need to catch up, although this probaly sums it up! I love, love, love Cheney's tie on his tux! It almost the same color as my purse! Abby looks beautiful! I love her natural beauty! And I have to mention that her dress resembles the dresses the girls wore in my wedding! Just love the colors!!! OK, I think I'm done-LOL!

Tina said...

I am so happy to hear Hester family news! It is so cool that Davin is surprising you and his therapists!

How exciting for Cheney! What a load off that is!!

I continue to lol at the similarities between Bethany and Lindly. We have yet to meet anyone. She keeps her cards close to her chest so to speak when it comes to men.

Thank you for thinking of us and for your prayers. Brett continues to have a good attitude and we are just waiting, I think this is a godly time out for all of us.

Much Love,

Bethany said...

Ew, Bethany's bringing home a boy? Cooties!!!

Sherri said...

Yeah for Davin! I can imagine all the work it took to get there. Are you telling me it will still mean bribery for Isaac for at least ten years?! :)

Martha said...

I am checking in a little on the late side as it is almost Sunday again... Saturday evening, 9 o'clock.

I love the pictures and the news update. I know the girls are somewhere in town this weekend. I don't suppose I'll see them but I know "Bethany Ann" is hoping to catch up with them somewhere along the way.

Martha said...

PS. Is Williamson anywhere along the way to Illinois?

Carla said...

Wow Heather, lots of news! I think we'd be on the way for you to Wheaton... you're more than welcome here anytime!!!