Friday, October 09, 2009

Where Have I Been?

For those of you who have not totally given up on me, thank you. I have not been around. I have not blogged in months, nor have I even checked in for quite a while. This summer has been rough. There have been challenges that have been big. I have been driven to my knees multiple times. I have found that is where God wants me. He wants me reaching for His Word like my life depends on it. He wants constant communication with Him. It is a good place to be. There are still many challenges and they can not be shared in detail on here. I will have to think of another way to share on my blog. Maybe share more about having a child with a disability or maybe share more about the stage of life where your children are leaving the nest. We will see.

I will tell you about one HUGE change in our house. Cheney Alan is at college now. He left in the middle of August and that has been a huge adjustment for everyone. Our house is so quiet, it is hard to take. We find ourselves wondering what in the world to do with our time. Frankly, I sit around a lot. I can not seem to get out of this speed. I used to have so much to do, I rarely had time to take a break. Now it is hard to get motivated because I have such a slow schedule. I am working more and that is good. I know I will get used to the slow schedule and will take on more projects, but probably not today:)


Martha said...

God is growing His flock. It seems this must be done, this stretching and pulling of our faith. As I watched my dad the last few weeks of his life I was encouraged to see him not only encourage us to hold on to Jesus, but to hold onto Him himself. He finished well. What a blessing. I pray I might finish well too. In the meantime I must let go in order to allow Him in.
I love you!

Kelli said...

Hugs Heather. I know what you mean. This spring and summer was so full of dr appointments with Kyler and now not so much I dont have the desire to clean my house. Hugs!

Tina said...

I was just talking to Paul about the difficulties in getting motivated ... My life used to be dictated by constant needs, I used to long to have "more time". Now I have loads of time and I'm not quite sure what to do with it all =)
The one huge blessing is that I no longer have to try hard to find time to spend with God. I think this is a resting time for me ... perhaps for you too. Rest in Him, you are probably due


Mrs. L. said...

Well, I know where you were on October 8!! My house was clean when you were here, and it's been getting dirtier ever since. It's easy to get lazy about cleaning since I live alone (for now).

Welcome back to your blog!

Christine said...

Heather, glad to read in a more previous post that things are better. Are you looking forward to the holidays?