Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Thoughts on Mary

I have been thinking about Mary as I often do at this time of year. You know the Mary that I am writing about. The mother of Jesus. She started out as just an ordinary teenager and was given the huge task of raising God's son!

I think about her at this time of year because we had a couple of things in common. We were both told that we were going to be teenage mothers. We both felt the shame and embarassment of our situations. We both had to deal with the looks and glares of others. We both did not know how we were going to get through to the other end of the situation we found ourselves in, but we knew the one who was going to get us there.

Of course, we had some differences. My teenage pregnancy was due to my own disobedience and sin. Mary's was because God had found favor in her. She was chosen to carry the precious gift that would be the Savior of the world.

Even though we can think about so many wonderful things about Mary's job of carrying the Son of God, I believe Mary still dealt with the human things that I dealt with, too. When she dealt with them, though, they were unjustified. She had done no wrong. I had and maybe deserved every look, unkind word and whisper. Mary had not only done nothing wrong, but she had done something right to be so honored. But, did people really know that? Did they really believe it? When Mary saw other girls that she had grown up with on the streets, did they not whisper about her? Did they not ignore her or talk badly about her? When Mary's grandmother came over after finding out that Mary was with child, did her grandmother have the look of shame in her eyes as she looked at her granddaughter? What did Joseph's family think of the Mary that was engaged to their precious son? Did they believe that an angel had let her know that she would carry God's son even though she was still a virgin?

I am thankful for where my life has taken me for so many reasons. One reason is that maybe I can know just a little bit of what Mary went through in those first few months as she wrestled with her own fears and concerns while trying to keep her eyes on the goal.


Christine said...

Merry Christmas. I am studying John and Mary has been in my thoughts alot.

Martha said...

Heather, thank you for sharing your thoughts on Mary. No wonder Jesus had such love for the hurting women in His world; the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, Mary Magdalene... Strange to think that Mary must have known something of their shame in spite of her innocence.

I have been blessed through the years by the bond we share, and am looking forward to connecting on Tuesday. I wonder what's for supper?

Heather said...

Martha, our bond has been a blessing to me as well. I am so looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!!

Tina said...

wonderful post Heather,

I think too often we forget that the people in scripture were ordinary people much like us ... it is comforting

Mrs. L. said...

I liked this post a lot. Jesus Himself said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Jesus is the only perfect human to walk this earth. We have all done things we wish we could take back. God didn't say all things are good, but He works all things together for good. He has done that in your life.