Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Change of Heart (yet to come....)

I have slowly been reading Max Lucado's new book "Out Live Your Life". While I was home from church with a sick Davin, I read a chapter. Conviction... Really? Yup. It talked about not giving up on anyone. No one is too far from God. No one is a lost cause. Really Lord? I have very rarely given up on anyone. However, there is someone in my life that I have decided that I am done with. Lost cause. Too much wrong has been done. God says differently. I need to adjust my heart. Is it there yet? Not yet. It started, though. I prayed this morning for this person. That always helps. It is hard to pray for a person and not love them. I got a little more than I had bargained for this morning.


Martha said...

I have been in that place too, and sometimes I just feel too weary to pray even though one is much loved.

Hope Davin is feeling better soon.

Betsy said...

I needed to read this today. :)

It is very easy to give up! I'll keep praying!

How are you?