Thursday, October 06, 2011

On the Same Page

If I am to be honest, Alan and I are so very different.  I know that is not shocking to anyone who knows both of us.  If we make a list at any given time of the things that are our top five priorities (as far as things that need to be done), our lists would vary greatly.  Alan thinks I stress about silly details too much and I think he ignores them too much which makes me stress more;-) 

As we have gone through the steps of becoming home study ready, we have talked a lot.  It is so crucial that we are on the same page and have the same or similar priorities for this.  This is big.  We had a conversation the other day about getting the beds put up and all that goes with that so that the bedrooms are ready.  We actually were in total agreement! 

I don't say that to say that Alan and I disagree a bunch.  As far as parenting goes, we always back each other up and think so much alike.  In general, things that need to be done in the house, though, have us on different pages.  The fact that we were totally in agreement is one more affirment from God that He is instructing us to walk this path. 

I guess I need lots of reminders or at least I appreciate it every time God reminds me. 


Bethany said...

:) I am excited with you guys!

PS I miss you...

Martha said...

I sometimes think I've lost my page. ;)

One day I'm going to show up on your doorstep.

Heather said...

Martha, that would be wonderful!! How about if I come visit you next week? Would that work for you? Bethany, I miss you, too!!!

Betsy said...

How wonderful! I love it when that happens! :)

Martha said...

That would be perfect. :)
Tell me when, not that I'm going anywhere... except maybe Tuesday.