Friday, June 22, 2012

A Star is Born

Well, I knew Davin might be sad to leave camp, but tears???  Real ones???  I wasn't expecting that.  As soon as he saw us, he hardly made eye contact.  Much to concentrate on to get ready for the program:-)  I understood.  He was enjoying his last little bit at camp.  But, then, I saw his eyes.  There were tears in his eyes.  He actually shed some tears every now and then during the couple of hours that we were at camp.  A small part of me was sad that he wasn't the son who was hugging his Mom so glad to see her.  A huge part of me was SO thankful that my boy had such a great time at camp that he hated to leave.  How awesome is that?  My non-verbal, non-ambulatory, feeding-issue, boy with asthma goes to camp just like lots and lots of other kids!!  I am so thrilled for him.  Feeling so thankful tonight and blessed that a fantastic group of people loved my boy for five days and took excellent care of him while giving him fun, fun, fun and helping him to grow spiritually.  Also excited that Davin can go to this camp for the rest of his life!

As if I didn't know my Bubby was dramatic, he had a part in the drama today during the closing program.  Complete with costume and everything.  Adorable!! 

I have so much more to write about, but can't seem to make much sense right now:-)


Martha said...

A costume, huh? I remember the days of screaming Davin being taken out of the sanctuary because someone was wearing a costume of some kind and he didn't like it. Wasn't it the police uniform that got me into trouble with Davin? And I wasn't even wearing it! I only told him he was too big to cry.

So glad he had fun at camp and loved it. He's growing up on you! My kids all loved camp too. They wanted to live there.

Heather said...

Martha, isn't that funny? Plus, there was a girl there who was crying and crying and Davin kept smiling at her like he was trying to tell her it was okay. Too funny how things change:-) I think he wanted to live there, too. I am pretty sure he keeps thinking that I am doing things differently than Jordan (his counselor) did them. Ha!

Natasha Jones said...

Awh - that is sooo awesome! Week-long camps are not our thing, as one of us always has to go - wish I could find a camp like what you found for Davin! Sounds like he had such a great time - that is just soooo awesome!!!