Friday, November 19, 2010

3 Years Ago

On Tuesday, Davin had an appointment at St. Christopher's. We have not been back to the hospital for quite some time now and I did not expect the flood of emotions that came. As we drove the familiar drive, passed the one restaurant that Alan and I quickly ate at one night during Davin's hospital stay, the gas station where I got gas the one night I left the hospital when Alan stayed with many memories were made in such a short time. Davin was in the hospital for 13 days and yet it seemed like a lifetime. I can remember so many things, so many moments from those 13 days.

During that hospital stay, my boy lost so much. He needed help breathing, he could not eat and ended up with a feeding tube and rarely smiled. I prayed. I prayed some more. I cried. I cried some more. I crawled in bed with my boy and held on. I asked my God to please restore him. I knew that Davin did not have all of the skills that other kids had, but I love what he had. I asked God to give back the things that Davin had lost. Please restore him was my cry over and over again.

God always answers my prayers, but He does not always say yes. This time He did! It took some time, but God restored Davin. It was an amazing thing to watch right before our eyes.

Driving down Erie St. on the way to St. Christopher's, the tears were welling up in my eyes as I thought of the road that we were on three years ago and the way God restored my son.


Melanie L said...

I remember the joy I felt when Alan let us all know that Davin had smiled again. That's when I knew he'd be okay.

Martha said...

Funny how memories bring back the same emotions and leave us in tears all over again.

I am so glad your boy has been restored. What a blessing he is!

Heather said...

Melanie, that day is so vivid in my mind. Bill Rogers was there. It was a not a big smile, but after 5 and a half days of no smile, it gave us such hope:-)

Melanie L said...

I had a lot of memories when I came to visit Davin, with me spending my Jr. High years just several blocks away from the hospital. The first room he was in much bigger! Lots of room!

Natasha said...

Wow. I'm crying. I so know what you've said in this post, even though I have never experienced anything like this. But if my Ryan was in that state, that's all I would be doing. Begging and pleading with God, crying and cuddling my little boy. They are such special people. I'm glad I "found" your blog!