Monday, November 08, 2010

A College Drop Out

Don't worry. It is not Cheney who dropped out. It is Davin. We went to visit Cheney's college this weekend for Family Weekend and I thought it would be wonderful if Davin went to one of Chey's classes while we were there since Davin will never get to experience that for himself. It made me kind of emotional, just thinking about it. Cheney said that was a great idea and set it up. Davin was not in the class very long when we got a text from Cheney saying that Davin hated the class and maybe we should come get him:-) Davin ended up making it through the whole class, but he decided college is not for him. Yes, to hanging out and being on campus. Yes to going to the talent show and yes to going to the improv show on campus. A big, fat NO to going to classes! Funny boy he is.


Melanie L said...

I think Davin has the college idea down pat. The fun stuff is always more enjoyable than sitting through a class!

Spoken as a person who cut my share of classes that someone else paid for, but never cut a class that I paid for!

Betsy said...

haha...I don't blame him! Sitting through classes is the worst part of college!

Bethany said...

Davin, you are so funny!