Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Good News Maybe??

I learned on Friday (when we filed the official paperwork for Davin's guardianship....hopefully;-) that in our county, we may not have to make a court appearance. The court may grant the order on paper and that may be it!! I think that would be a lot less traumatic if I didn't have to hear all of those words. I know I would rather Davin not to have to hear those words.

Also, because we were not able to file the complaint with the court until 2 weeks before Davin's birthday, there may be some things we need to do prior to his birthday to cover our decision making abilities until the order for guardianship can be granted.


Melanie L said...

I hope you don't need to go to court, either. It can be a happy place for some, but a horrible place for others. I hope you are spared that, going there and hearing words that no one should have to hear.

Kelli said...

its so crazy what we have to do to keep our children safe when the states do horrible at foster children. (or atleast in our state)