Saturday, August 06, 2011


Davin has quite a few cousins.  They all love him.  They are all happy to see him.  No doubt about that. 

There is one cousin who has a special relationship with Davin, though.  I got to watch them together this week.  It was priceless.  My boy has had friends through his life, but very few friends who talked to him, included him, and understood him.  Trey is that kind of friend. 

Aside from Cheney, I do not think I have ever seen someone else know that Davin wanted to hold their hand as they were walking beside his chair.  Trey knew.  As soon as Davin reached out his hand, Trey (who is 13 years-old, by the way) took Davin's hand and held it as he walked next to Davin. 

Every day that Trey was here visiting, he made sure he was outside in time to see Davin get off the bus.  He knew how excited Davin was to see him. 

Trey takes the time to figure out what Davin wants to do and he spends time with him.  It is a beautiful thing. 

Friendships for our kids can always be difficult to watch.  We watch our kids be ignored at times, left out at times and treated badly at times.  When you have a child who cannot speak, it happens a lot.  Many times other children just don't know how to include Davin.  I don't know why Trey knows how to do it, but he does and I feel blessed to have watched their relationship this week. 


Shari said...

What a precious boy Trey is to Davin. God makes certain people with the knowledge of what another needs. It is so precious!

Natasha Jones said...

Trey is one special boy and one amazing cousin!!!

Martha said...

Yeah for Trey! There is nothing like having a cousin for a best friend.

I'm pretty sure Trey has had great examples of family love his entire life. I don't know a single family who love each other more than your does.

PS. I was fun seeing your sister in Kohl's even if I wasn't quite sure who she was at first.

Heather said...

Martha, those are very sweet words. Thank you.

It was so funny when Jen told me she had just been chatting with you:-) I never even got to see you!!