Sunday, August 21, 2011

He Misses Him

Cheney is back at Wheaton.  He is so excited to be back and so thankful that he has the opportunity to return for his junior year.  Since things were up in the air about him returning, we did not prepare ourselves mentally to say goodbye.  We decided on a Wednesday morning and Alan and Cheney boarded a train for Chicago that night. It was hard.  Davin had gone to bed that night since he still had school the next day.  Cheney went in to lay with Davin for a while and then told Davin that he needed to go take a shower, but would come back.  Davin (who usually goes right to sleep) waited for Cheney to be done.  I went in and asked if Davin would like to get up and sit with Cheney a while.  Davin just pointed to his pillow where he wanted Cheney to lay down.  Cheney hopped in with his brother and laid with him while Davin fell asleep.  I think that is the hardest part for me.  When I watch them together, I feel like my heart is hurting to think of them not being together.

The next night, it was just me and Davin.  Davin had been fine in the morning, but he does not usually see Cheney in the mornings.  After he had been in bed for a while, I went in to check on him since he was still awake and that was odd.  I believe there were tears in his eyes.  I thought my heart would break.  He missed his brother.  It is hard to say goodbye to your  big brother.  Davin had a rough night trying to sleep that night and the next day his teacher wrote me that he looked lost and sad.  Poor Bubby!

Thankfully our Bethany Alyssa arrived here on Friday and we get to enjoy her company for a week and Daddy returned home today:-)


Martha said...

Hooray for Bethany. She will save the day!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww...poor Bubby...makes me sad:(( (Pam)

Bethany said...

:'( So sad! When Jim would go off to college (or when he moved far away) we cried too... Big brothers going away is just hard.

Heather said...

Bethany Ann, you are so right. It stinks when big brothers leave:-(

Martha, Bethany Alyssa saved the day for sure!!!

Natasha Jones said...

Oh, Heather...that made me cry.
Changes are so hard on our little guys!
Hugs, Natasha

Betsy said...

Aw...that is so sweet! I hope he adjusts fine with Cheney away at school.