Monday, October 08, 2012

A Case of Mistaken Identity

We were flying into Chicago's O'Hare Airport to visit Cheney at Wheaton College.  We wanted to get out to visit Cheney at school one more time since he is in his last semester.  Alan, Davin and I were traveling together and we pretty much have our system down to a science.  Alan carried Davin off of the plane for me and placed him in his toxic green wheelchair that was waiting for us at the gate.  Alan walked back onto the plane to get our carry-on luggage while I got Davin situated in his chair. 

I was concentrated on what I was doing with Davin, so wasn't paying close attention to what/who was around me, but do remember that there were lots of people waiting for their gate checked bags and there were a couple of young airline employees in front of us with wheelchairs for other passengers.  I heard two of the young employees talking about one of the Chicago Bear football players.  It caught my attention because this player's name is very close to my son's name.  Just off by one letter.  His name is Devin and he has our same last name.  I remember hearing them talking about what they would do if they saw this football player and that they planned to take a picture with their phone.  I glanced up from what I was doing and saw them using their phones and I am imagining they were looking the player up online so they would recognize him. 

Nothing struck me as odd yet.  I thought how crazy it was that this player was on the same plane with us and I hadn't even heard anything about it.  Then, I finished Davin's seat belt on his chair and looked up and saw one of the empty wheelchairs sitting behind Davin's.  In HUGE letters on the back of the chair it said "HESTER".  OOOOHHHH!!!  The chair was there for Davin!!  The chair was also enormous!!  I looked at the young employees who were still anxiously awaiting the football player's entrance and I broke the news to them.  I told them that my son was Davin Hester, that he had his own chair and that he would definitely not need one quite so big:-)  They said they were sorry.  (I am not sure why.  They did not do something to offend us;-)  They said they could see the resemblance and I said that it made sense since their physiques are so similar.  Ha! 

It cracked me up for the rest of the day.  My Davin weighs a whopping 69 pounds.  I have never paid that much attention to the football player other than to look up when I hear his name, but I am guessing he probably has at least 200 pounds on my boy. 

I told Davin we should have offered to sign autographs while we were there! 


Melanie L said...

That is hilarious!! I think you should write to Devin Hester and tell him about what happened!

joeks said...

That's funny!
I'm not much of a football fan, but if I ever have the privilege to meet DAvin Hester, I'd love to have his autograph!

Heather said...

Melanie, I was thinking about doing that!

Joeks, I will pass that on to Davin:-) Wouldn't it be great if our paths crossed one day??

Martha said...

I have always found it amusing that there is a football player with a name so very close to Davin's. It always catches my attention when I hear it.

Hey, maybe Devin Heater would send Davin a Hester football jersey. That would be cool. :)

Heather said...

Martha, Davin actually has a Devin Hester jersey, and we brought it on the trip, but he didn't have it on that day. Can you imagine if he had it on? They surely would have thought he was the football player then!! Ha

Martha said...

No doubt about it! :)

Sherri said...

I've never heard of Devin Hester, but I have heard of Davin Hester. So in my book Davin is more famous. Their physiques :), you are witty!