Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Favorite Day in 1987

I was a hormonal mess.  I didn't realize it at the time, but several people close to me let me know the truth after all was said and done.  (Thank you Mom and Alan.)

I was so excited that I had turned 20 a few months before.  It seemed so much more appropriate to have two babies if you were 20 instead of still a teenager.

I left the apartment no less than four times dragging a huge suitcase with me and telling Alan that I was really in labor and it was so nice that I was having to go to the hospital all by myself.  I would eventually come back into the apartment.

Alan could set me off at the drop of a hat.  One day he said something that hit me the wrong way while I was folding some of his laundry and I immediately picked up the basket of his laundry and threw it on the back lawn.  We lived in base housing where all of our back yards were together.  Lovely.

Even though my head knew that I wanted my children close in age and that I adored being a mom, I could hardly breathe at times just thinking about life not being just me and Ashleigh anymore.  Every time people asked me if I was ready to have the baby, I said "not yet".  I treasured every single day with my first baby girl and me.

We had a doctor who had recently served a tour in the peace corps.  He had delivered babies in less than traditional situations.  When he asked how long it took us to get to the hospital, and we answered that it was 40 minutes when driving 70 mph, he told us to wear our seatbelts:-)

In spite of the rough days leading up to June 20th, 1987, the actual day was my very favorite of all of 1987.  After four short hours of labor and the interesting experience of sharing a labor room with a teenager in labor (which I clearly was NOT; I was 20;-), we welcomed our second baby girl.  She had the tiniest features and a slightly crooked chin.  She was perfect.  Suddenly my fears about sharing my first baby girl faded away. 

Bethany Alyssa has been such a blessing to our family ever since.  (Her chin even straightened out;-)  She is such a beautiful person inside and out.  She is loyal and feels deeply.  I am so blessed to be called "Bethany's Mom". 

By the way, had I been nicer during my pregnancy, I may have had a Cassandra Brooke. 

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Martha said...

You are funny. I was still that teenager when my second boy arrived, but at least I had "matured" by the time my Bethany arrived. I was a whole 21 by then. :)

Happy Birthday to your Bethany! (I sent her a note on Facebook this morning.) I'm so glad she came along to join your family.