Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I kept Davin home from school today because his hip/leg is still really sore. I never heard back from the doctor which is really odd. I always hear back from him. I checked and double checked that they have my right phone number and I called again today, but so far, nothing. So, we are heating Davin's muscle, taking motrin and resting.

So, I decided since I was home, I would bake cookies and that lead me to thinking about my kids and the nicknames that I call them. When I was little, I didn't really have a nickname and I always wanted one. When I was in high school, some girls on my softball team gave me one and Alan calls me Heath. When we had kids, I wanted them to have nicknames. Just a silly thing, really, but they each have many.

Ashleigh - her sister and most all of her friends call her Ash, but I never call her Ash. By me, she is most often called Loubie, but she is also Sissa, Sissy, Loubie Lou.

Bethany - known by most everyone who knows her at all as Ben or Bennie. She is never called Beth by anyone who knows her well except my father occassionally calls her that. By me she is also Baby Girl, Bertina, Alyssa, Boop, Booper, Sissy.

Cheney - He is Cheney Alan, Chey, Chey-Chey, Chener, Brudder, brother, Bud.

Davin - We all have lots of nicknames for Davin. He is Bubby, Bub, Davin Boy, baby boy, snoodle and I think Bethany sometimes calls him Peanut.

Did you have a nickname growing up? If you keep your name a secret, you might not want to share, but if you don't mind sharing...


Shelly said...

I'll be praying for you and for Davin!

As for nicknames... I suppose it's just Shelly! Which of course when I was younger became 'Smelly Shelly with with Big Fat Belly full of Jelly'. Of course I didn't like that a whole lot! Brett used to call me 'Panky (from Little Rascals) or Crash cuz of the way I drove. :)

Brian was Bud. And Heather was Munchkin, and Jessi turned out to be Girly Girl.

Kim S in SC said...

Hey Heather! Praying that DAvin is getting better.

Nicknames: Mine was Kimbo, or sweetie. My children are Ash, AShley-poo, sweet angel girl, sweet angel, baby girl,Molly is Molls, moll, molly-moo, moo, baby girl Chad is Chad man, chaddie choo choo, chaddie, boy..my hubby is chuckles
I'm with you, I love nick names, it tells people they are special to you!

Heather said...

Kim, you are so right. I think that is why I love them, too. It makes people feel very special! Love the nicknames!

Martha said...

Are you ready for a long list?

My mom always planned to call me Mardee, but my friends thatought Marty Farty was a fun song to sing, so I resisted the Mardee nickname. The boys in the neighborhood changed Martha into Bertha, sometimes Big Bertha, even though I wasn't fat, and my high school friends shortened Bertha to Bert which suited me just fine. James calls me Mart.

My kids...
Jim- Jimmy Boy, Jimbo, Jimmy the kid
David- Dave
Bethany- Beth Betty, Betty Boop, Boop, Booparino
Josiah- Joe, Cider, Cider Pie
Nathan- Nate, Tate, Tator Tot, Nater Bean, Bean
Benjamin- Ben, Benner Bob, Bob, Benjin Engine, Ben Jammin
Hannah- Han, Hannie, Hannah Banna, Hannah Banana

Only Dave never really ended up with much of a nickname.

Rachel said...

I'll be praying for Davin too.

Nicknames? Just Rach or Rachie baby.
I call Steven; beeves or bubby. He says he likes it when I call him by nicknames because "it means you love me". Those are his exact words!
I call Michael; migadoo, micky, or mcgee.

Heather said...

Martha, that is funny that both of our Bethanys are called Boop. I got it from Betty Boop and since Bethany was Bennie, it became Bennie Boop.

gmj said...

Judith was shortened to Judi, then to Jude. My grandmother called me Judith Addel brain. (my middle name is Adele) I will not devluge T.'s names :), she has way to much ammo!

Martha said...

If all else fails, call 'em all Bubba.

Kim said...

I hope Davin is feeling better soon and that the Dr. calls you back soon too!

My dad called me Peggy and Chewpeck (say it fast). No idea why. Maybe it's something Polish.

I call Nivya - Nivs, Nivlette, Little Niv and when I give her a noodle to eat I say A Noodle for my Schnoodle. I call her Chewpeck too. I think it's her chubby cheeks.

I call Hugo - Hugolie Bugolie, Heugs, gosh, nicknames are hard to spell.

joeks said...

Prayers for Davin.

It's fun reading all these nicknames.

I was JoJo or Little Joe when I was younger, then later just Jo.
One brother and I called my other brother BoBo, and even put it to song.
My youngest called her brother Boo.

Heather said...
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Gardener Greg said...

I had a nick name when I was in the Navy but that was it. It wasn't bad but I won't repeat it. I am trying to keep it from finding me. :) I will just say it was a muppet name.

Michelle said...

I think you know all my kids nicknames, right! I didn't really have one. Although one of my dad's good friends called me Booshell. He said it was a pig Latin name.