Thursday, February 14, 2008

No News is Good News???

Okay, not necessarily. I haven't posted lately because there was not too much to say. It has been a long week this week.

First of all, snow camp was great. We talked about boundaries. Boundaries in our thought life, tongue, actions. Such a great topic. There is so much to think and ponder about concerning that, no matter what your age. It was great to be with the kids and catch up with many of the teens. We made movies one afternoon and that was so much fun. We were divided into teams and we came up with videos that had to do with boundaries. Fun!

Well, I got home on Sunday night and Bethany thought that Davin had a fever. Yes, he did. He has been sick all week with that whole fever, coughing thing. Poor thing. He just can't seem to be totally on track since the surgery. In addition to the sickness, we have been to the orthopedic doctor (all is okay with his hip, by the way - great news! He can begin PT without any restrictions now.), the pediatrician (to make sure this sickness wasn't worse than a virus - it's not!), and today we went to the neurologist.

I am hoping for a better week next week for Davin boy. Poor thing to have to be in the house for so many days again. At least this time, there is no cast!


Christine said...

I was hoping for an update about how your weekend went. It sounds like the topice was one I would have loved to hear too! I'm sorry about Davin, poor guy. My Caleb is home today with a fever too. I hate when our kids don't feel good. I hope Davin has a better weekend.

Michelle said...

Poor Davin Bruce! We hope he feels better real soon. When I think bakc to when you lived in NY, and he was sick, I picture you sitting with him on the couch, holding him and comforting him. That really has stuck with me. You are so dedicated to Davin, especially when he is sick.

Heather said...

Michelle, that is where I am spending quite a bit of time. Sitting on the couch with Davin, still holding him even though he is a big boy!

Christine, the topic at snow camp really was great. It's one I could learn about over and over again! I hope your Caleb feels better soon!

Martha said...

I am always impressed with how great your older kids are with Davin. They are a shining example of unconditional love. I hope Davin feels better quick!

Gudl said...

I hope Davin will be much better soon! "It" is going daughter had a fever today, too. And she complains of a 'coughy' throat, whatever that is.

Heather said...

Gudl, those "coughy throats" are the worst;)

Thank you, Martha. It has certainly been one of my biggest blessings to watch my kids interact with each other.