Monday, May 12, 2008


I was riding home from church yesterday and thinking about my Mom since it was Mother's Day. I was thinking of some of the ways that she has inspired my life. I was truly blessed with a great mother. She never made mothering look hard and she always seemed on top of things. I always knew she was a good mom and I have always appreciated the example she set before me.

Five years ago, that was taken to a much different level. Five years ago, last month, my Dad suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and nearly lost his life. By God's grace, his life was spared, but he had to learn EVERYTHING over again. He could not walk by himself, shave, eat, and many of his words got very confused. My Mom became less of a wife and more of a caretaker. I have watched her for five years be exactly what my Dad has needed her to be. Sometimes that was different things and she always rose to the challenge. Did she have discouraging days? Yes, but she continued on. Could she have made different choices that would have made her life easier? Yes, but she didn't. She chose to do what Christ would do and I am so thankful for the example she has been to me.

Things are so much better for my parents now and we rejoice continuously over what God has done for our family. Even five years later, we still see improvements and it is so fun to watch. My Mom has been an incredible example of patience.

Thanks Mom.


Christine said...

What a wonderful mother you have. And father.

Happy Mother's Day!

kristina said...

That is incredible. I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

Martha said...

Heather, your mom and dad did a wonderful job of raising you. Your moms love shines through in your life too.

joeks said...

Indeed you are blessed with having a wonderful mother! I am too--mine was also a great example in showing ongoing love and care for my father as he went through some trying times.

Michelle said...

Your mom and dad for that matter are very special people. I'ts been neat to hear how far your dad has come since his injury. Praise God!I wish we got to see them the last time we were there.