Friday, January 09, 2009

So Blessed

I was fixing (that is from you, Tina) to write a comment on my last post, but realized I would rather write another entry instead.

Thank you to my friends who commented already on my last post. For all of Davin's life, I have realized that I am being watched. Not by the CIA, well, at least I hope not. But, by other people. All the time. I bet Sherri can relate to this. I bet Kelli can relate, too. We have children who are different. People can tell they are different by looking at them and so they watch us. They may not know someone with a serious disability and the way they learn about them is by watching me in the grocery store with my son. They watch me talk to him. They watch me pull his wheelchair from the side, so I am not walking behind him, but beside him. They watch how I explain things to him, although they may not think he can understand. I am constantly aware that I am an advocate for people with disabilities even though I have never signed up to be.

With each of my children came different challenges and I was ready and prepared to meet each one of them. My challenges with Davin are a bit different. That involves responding to people's looks and questions. I don't always like this part of my job, but it is part of my job. Like it or not. My hope is that when people watch me or one of my family members with Davin, they don't see a lack of anything. They see an abundance of many things. They don't see a chair. They see a boy. They see a huge personality and someone who likes to get into some trouble;)

That is why yesterday's post was so difficult for me. I don't always want people to see the harder side of my life. I don't want anyone to think that having Davin was less of a thrill than having their child who is "normal". (I REALLY hate that wording) I want them to know that Davin has so much to offer and that it is my privilege to care for him. I guess with Davin, I have to work a bit harder to have people see that sometimes, so I try not to complain and talk about the bad side as much.

However, there are hard things about having a child who is non-ambulatory. I don't like to admit it, but it is true. Maybe it is good to talk about it sometimes, especially with the people in my life that already see Davin for who he is. I didn't have to convince any of you:)


Miss Melanie said...

Come on... you are one of the few people who say that sometimes what I am going through just stinks!!! Because sometimes times ARE hard, sometimes life DOES stink. But we have an AMAZING Father who loves us and cares for us and gives us HOPE for a future. We KNOW that someday, Davin will be running around and talking and telling us what he thinks of everything that happened on earth!

You know the way Davin lights up when he sees any of us? Just IMAGINE what it will be like when Davin sees Jesus face to face!

Kelli said...

I think your the best mom in the world. You are way better at all of it than I am and Kylers on in a wheel chair. Hugs

Tina said...

I hope to some day soon get to meet Davin in person. When I look at the pictures of your family I see a boy who looks SO Happy! A boy who is So Loved! What I know of you as a mom from all those wonderful days at the park, play group, and various other excursions with our little crew Ashleigh,Brett,Bethany, and Lindly is that you are a mom through and through. Happy and content with your job. That being said it is a tough job even in the most ordinary circumstances and moms get weary. Thats why God gives us one another in Christ to hold each other up in times like this. I am so blessed to have you as an example and as a friend. The paths we are on in so many ways could not be more different but one thing is true. We are moms who love our sons and will continue to lean on the Father and each other as we persevere. I want you to know that when I look at your family I SEE the blessing. Yes you see the disability, but it is so totally overshadowed by the Love among all of you.

Kim S in SC said...

Thank you for your obvious love for Davin and your honesty!

Bethany said...

I love you. :)