Saturday, January 17, 2009

Talking and Listening

I love talking with my kids. They are pretty much adults now and our conversations are much different than they used to be. This past week has given us quite a few opportunities to talk about some really serious topics. It was so interesting to listen to their views and discuss things. Sometimes their views are not the same as mine, but I have really appreciated listening to how they came to their conclusions and where God has brought them. They are thinking, they are learning, they are growing. I sure do miss those early days of conversations, but I really am appreciating the conversations that we can share now.


Miss Melanie said...

I like when I can talk to my friends' children too! It's fun to see them grow up. And you have such great children, too.

Martha said...

Me too. :)

Christine said...

Me too. Thamks for the reminder.