Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was listening to K-LOVE in the car today and they were talking about a website or something where people were being challenged to come up with one word that they wanted to desribe their lives for the next year. It could just be one word. I didn't have to think long about it. They mentioned many words that were so meaningful and good, but faithful came to my mind immediately. I want to be so many ways. I want to be faithful to my God. When He asks me to do something that I don't think I am equipped to do, I want to be faithful to trust Him. I want to be faithful to be a good wife and go the extra mile even if Alan isn't giving me back as much as I would like him to. I want to be faithful to my kids. I want to be a solid, consistent example to them. I want to listen to them and pray for them faithfully. I want to be faithful in my ministries, even when I get tired. I want to be faithful to take care of my boy in the best way possible. I want to be a faithful daughter. I want to spend time with my parents and parents-in-law. It goes on and on. To me that word sums up so many areas in my life that I am constantly in need of working on. Faithful doesn't give the idea of doing something half-heartedly like I sometimes want to do things. Faithful puts in the time and energy needed to do the job right. Whatever it is.

So, what is your word???


Martha said...

Faithful is a beautiful word. I will have to give this some thought and get back to you with an answer. I like how your word came to you immediately, but mine didn't do that. Guess I will have to think on it.

Heather said...

The hosts were talking about how they were thinking on it, too. Thinking is good:)

Tina said...

great question Heather ... I think I will post a response on my blog

You my friend, have always been faithful. Your steadfast devotion to God and your family have always inspired me.

All my love

Your sister in Christ,


Martha said...

Possibly my word would be "passionate". My outlook so often is rather dull and lazy. I need to be more passionate for Christ. It is the only way to really grow into what he desires me to be.

Heather said...

Ooh, Martha, I like that!