Monday, January 18, 2010

My Asheigh Diane

My girls read my blog more than anyone else. Of course, their favorite is when I do a post about them. Looking back through my old posts, I never did a post just about Ashleigh, so even though it is not Thursday, I will post 13 things about Ashleigh Diane:)

1. I had Ashleigh when I was 18 years old and she is the baby that I first fell in love with. I absolutely loved being her mother.

2. Ashleigh had a very strong will and often had what we loved to call "episodes".

3. Ashleigh has adored her little sister from the minute she first laid eyes on her. The first day Bethany was home from the hospital, Ashleigh tried to share her french fries with her.

4. Ashleigh is a director for T&T club in Awana and loves leading the girls. She has a heart for troubled kids, especially.

5. Ashleigh has gone to Botswana, Africa and it was life-changing.

6. For Ashleigh, family is very important. She hates to miss a family function.

7. Ashleigh has been married for two years!

8. I could always count on Ashleigh to watch her younger brothers and sister if I needed her to. She loved to have them home with her while Alan and I went out.

9. Ashleigh is one of the most loyal people I have ever known.

10. Ashleigh loves working out.

11. She also loves dying her hair. One of the first things she did when she went away to college was to dye her hair.

12. Ashleigh has worked as a nanny for the last few years, although she does not presently have a job:(

13. Ashleigh is fun to be around! She brings a party wherever she goes. If Ashleigh is missing, things are not as lively as they are with her there.

14. I am proud of the young woman that she is. She is faithful to God, loves her husband and her family and has worked so hard on evening her strong will and letting God use it for Him.


Martha said...
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Martha said...

15. Ashleigh and my Bethany (Bethany Ann) had a growing competition for a while. First Ashleigh would be taller and then Bethany would catch up, then Ashleigh would grow again and Bethany would catch up. In the end Ashleigh won the game. (They were a good incentive for each other when it came to memorizing verses too.)

16. Ashleigh has a set of really great parents who put their heart and soul into being good leaders, not only for their own children, but any others in their lives too.

(PS. If you write here, I will read.)

Heather said...

Martha, I love your #15!! You are right. They really were neck and neck for so long, but in the end.... Thank you for your kind words. Parenting is such a tough job and there are so many bumps (some very big) along the way. It is one of the biggest blessings ever to see your child love the Lord as an adult. I know you know this feeling very well!!! You, my friend, have raised some amazing kids!

Martha said...

And thank you, Heather and Alan, for being a big part of my kid's lives. You're the best!

Heather said...

We love your kids, Martha!

Christine said...

Asleigh sounds wonderful!

Tina said...

Oh do I have memories of Ashleigh!!
I remember that strong will!! I still think it is so funny that out of the two, my passive little fellow is the one in jail, remember when we would pick them up from the nursery and you would ask "did she hit anyone? and I would ask "how long did he cry? Seriously now who would we have thought would be in jail now?? (forgive me I know it is a warped humor but it helps me get by)

it warms my heart to see pictures of her now and read about her here. She was a ball of energy and always kept you on your toes ... it's good to know she is still like that =) (I just knew God would channel that will into good ... I really am just kidding about the jail thing) =)