Saturday, July 28, 2012


I learned a lot of things in the last week.  We had our first opportunity to have foster children in our home.  They were here for a very short time, but there were so many lessons learned. 

*I can't do this if Alan is not with me.  If he ends up with a job traveling all the time, we would have to change our course. 

*I absolutely can be a parent to a child who has a different shade of skin color than me:-)  This has never been an issue for me, but this last week just confirmed that in my heart.  Color just doesn't matter.  I am very thankful for my school years where I learned this lesson.

*Having children in my home is HARD.

*Davin needs to have his own room for many reasons.

*Alan and I are a team. 

*Instead of looking for children who are already freed for adoption, it is my hope that we are the first home that our kids come to, that we can all work through the issues together and that they will remain in our home until they become freed for adoption.  (Even if that means that we have foster kids and they don't end up staying with us forever before we end up with the kids God has for us.)

I don't want to write any specifics of our time, but I will share that it was much harder than I even could have imagined.  In the end, though,  both Alan and I decided that God has called us to this and we will continue to walk this path.

I can tell you that there were tears, there were frustrations, but there were also smiles, laughs and funny things said. 


Melanie L said...

God is so loving, so wise, so interested in our lives. He lets us experience things that stretch us and cause us to draw close to Him for wisdom.

I'm glad that you know WHAT you are learning, not just that you ARE learning. Because I feel like God is teaching me things and I'm not sure what those things are!

Natasha Jones said...

Praying for you and your future kiddos, Heather! Some of them can be really tough, for sure, but seeing their improvements is awesome. :)
Glad you had a "preview" of what it might look like, later in life. :)