Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Good

Davin is home and we are trying to settle into a routine.  Yesterday was our first full day at home and it seemed like we were getting the hang of this new normal.  After spitting up a bit last night (and wondering if his feedings were too fast or too close together), and then being awake for quite some time in the night and me having to change sheets at 2 am, I am feeling less optimistic.  Besides that, I look around my house and see how much of a mess everything is and today seems a little overwhelming.  I know that sleep makes such a difference in how I react to things, so I will try to remember that we are still recovering from being in the hospital for a week with very little sleep. (This picture is when Davin had an NG tube in before the surgery.)

Since the initial blow of Davin not being safe to eat by mouth anymore to now, I have been trying to look for the positives.  That is kind of my thing.  I need some time to adjust and wrap my head around something.  Then, I try to put a positive spin on things.  I want to look for the good in a situation.

*I am actually blogging WHILE Davin is eating.  That is crazy.  When feeding Davin by mouth, it took my full attention.  In some ways it was similar to feeding a baby still since he relied on me for every part of his feeding.

*I am not in a constant panic about Davin aspirating.  Every feeding was not unorganized, but there were some moments that were downright scary.

*Davin doesn't have to chew his medicine anymore.  He has always hated taking medicine and this is a huge bonus for him:-)

*Eventually, other people will be able to feed Davin and lately, it was just Alan, Bethany and I who were able to feed him.  (Cheney could, too, but he is not here anymore:-)

*Eating is not messy anymore.  When eating by mouth, Davin would use a large bath towel to keep his clothes neat while eating.  Think of the laundry that it will save me from doing!

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Martha said...

Keep your eyes on the good. If Davin is happy, that's most of the battle.