Monday, July 22, 2013

Wonder Woman

As I sat in the hospital room last Monday waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting....You get the picture, right?) for Davin to be discharged, I was trying to wrap my head around what life would look like now that Davin has a g-tube.  I had several people in the hospital tell me how much "easier" it would be.  Hmm, the jury is still out on that one.

While we were waiting my sweet father-in-law called.  I had not talked to my in-laws since Davin went into the hospital.  Alan had been keeping them informed and up to date.  It was so nice to hear from them and they asked how Davin was doing.  At the end of the conversation, they told me that if we were free tomorrow night, they were having pizza night at their house and they would love it if we could come. 

Not much later, one of my beautiful daughters called to ask if I was going to go to our ministry tomorrow night....


It is my own fault really.  I really like to have things under control.  I like things to not look hard.  So, it is my own fault that no one thought I might have a hard time with this.  Of course, when I explained that we needed some time to get into our new schedule, everyone understood.  Maybe I shouldn't seem so self-sufficient.  Nah, that probably isn't going to happen any time soon;-) 

Davin and I are adjusting to our new schedule beautifully.  Beautifully if we stay in the house.  And never go anywhere for more than a few hours. 

That is the part that is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!  How do we go out of the house for the day?  What if we want to go to the zoo??  (And we do!!)  How do we do that???  Do I pack up the giant pole and then set it up next to the giraffe cages and just act like everything is normal?  How do I get the water that is supposed to be lukewarm for his flushes before and after he eats?  How do I keep his food temperature controlled?? 

It is driving me crazy because I want this whole g-tube thing mastered.  Fine, Davin got a g-tube, but I don't want it to change LIFE.  Davin doesn't want to stay in this house every day.  We have got to find a way.  I am sure other people have found a way, but to be honest, I have never seen someone out and about with a giant pole behind them while they eat by tube.  Did I just not see them? 

We will figure it out. 

In the meantime, if you come visit us, chances are, you are going to see Davin's stomach.  Now, let me tell you the truth.  That was always true.  Davin has been a huge fan of his abs for years and years.  Proud is a good word.  Most first-time guests got the shirt-pull-up trick shortly after meeting Davin.  He is even quicker now.  Especially if he is all hooked up and eating.  My brother-in-law came over the other day and Davin hiked his shirt up so fast.  I explained to Davin  that he really should check with someone before doing that because not everyone is going to want to see incisions, etc.  He didn't seem to care.  The shirt flew up and he was PROUD.  And, that does this mama's heart good.  My boy is proud of that stupid little tube that rocked my world just a couple of weeks ago.  That boy can turn anything into a positive. 


Anonymous said...

Please call me or text me if you want to talk about the "new normal" you guys are adjusting to. There are many options with the feeding tube "ordeal" (of course, depending on Dr's orders), but just saying...Larry & I had quite a system going with his food intake on days we were gone all day...although there are a lot of things to take into consideration...I would love to talk to you if you feel like you need to.
Miss you!

Martha said...

Having our world changed, especially when we weren't looking for it, is totally hard. I feel my heels dig in too because I know life here is probably going to get harder before it gets easier again, if that ever happens.
I really do love you. You are in my prayers.

Rachel said...

It sounds like this is a very good change, even though it's difficult to figure everything out. Some day soon you will probably look back and wonder how you could have done things the old way for so long. Praying for you and Davin, Heather.

Rachel said...

By the way, couldn't help but laugh at Davin lifting his shirt up to show people his scars and tube. So good to hear how happy he is about his new way of eating. :)

joeks said...

I don't have any experience in this area--just one young friend has a 20-month-old using a g-tube--but I follow one blog that led me to others that might be encouraging, or that might lead you to others. I'm sure there are all kinds of different situations out there, and I pray that you'll find someone whose is similar to Davin's.

Take or leave these as you wish.


Have G-tube Will Travel


Prayers as you learn and adjust.
(sorry if this is a duplicate comment-not sure if it went through!)