Thursday, August 19, 2010

And Then There Was 1

I knew this day was coming. I certainly prayed my boy back to Wheaton. I rejoiced and cried tears of joy as we watched the Lord provide the seemingly impossible funding that enabled Cheney to go back for his second year. My logical mind knows that is where he is supposed to be and would never stand in the way. Mom's heart is never ready for him to leave.

I was so thrilled to see his excitement at returning to college this year. I see how much growth there has been in him in the past year. I know he is supposed to be far away from home during this time and yet....I was not ready to let him go.

I hugged him at the airport and smiled....but was not ready to send him off.

He knows. He knows he is loved here, wanted here, cherished here, appreciated here, but he also knows he belongs at Wheaton.

I know tomorrow will be better, but today the tears seem to come so quickly. Sometime they catch me by surprise and sometimes I expect them.

This morning as we got ready to leave for the airport, I told Cheney I was pretending he was going to camp. I thought it might help:-) Tomorrow, I am carving a space of his room as my new scrapbook space (until he comes home, of course). I am hopeful that will ease my pain. Probably not, but I will be happy to have a place to work on my scrapbooks. Maybe I will get around to finishing the book for him that was supposed to be done by high school graduation;-)

I am hoping that the pirate flag that now hangs in his room that reads, "The beatings will continue until morale improves", will encourage my creativity;-)


Melanie L said...

Aww, what a sad day, but filled with pride as well. Cheney is a fine young man and he had great examples growing up. God will use him in great ways.

Martha said...

I love the picture. He looks so much like Alan.

The tears will slow eventually, but there will always be room in a momma's heart for her children to return. I don't know what I will do when mine are all grown up.

Heather said...

Thank you Mel and Martha! He does look like his Daddy, huh? Martha, it is a very quiet night at my house tonight. We are very much looking forward to Alan coming home tomorrow!

Betsy said...

Give them wings and let them fly, right? My Taylor begins his second year of college this weekend, too. And I feel your pain with the cost! ha. What a handsome young man he is!

Heather said...

Thank you, Betsy. If only I could take credit for how handsome he is, but I guess my part in it all was to have my genes step aside so he could look exactly like his Dad;-) I am really okay with that and he does have brown hair like me. I forgot that our oldest boys are the same age. Ahhh, such a quiet house here. I bet yours is a bit more chaotic than mine right now since you still have three boys there!