Friday, August 27, 2010

Food Fight

I am in a food fight with Davin. Unfortunately, at the present, he is winning. It is a battle that rears its ugly head from time to time. The first battle with food was before he was 2 years old.

These days Davin is "supposed" to have oatmeal for breakfast. There are very few choices for breakfast since the school gave me a fit and a feeding center changed his whole diet for me:-) Thank you very much to them. Davin ate oatmeal every morning until he was probably 12 or so and then I started giving him cereal! He loved it and I would be careful that it was mushy before he started eating it, but then the diet change....and here we are back at oatmeal for the last 4 years, I guess.

Davin's normal routine is to eat the entire bowl of oatmeal. It gives him a good start and I have found the oatmeal to be an excellent place to stash some things I want to get in him for the day. I can throw in his calcium and vitamin D chewable thing, his flax, butter for more calories and sometimes even a multi-vitamin. Well, he is not too thrilled lately with oatmeal and I can not shove it into his mouth!

Normally, if my kids won't eat what I have for them, I just say fine. No biggie. But, when your kid is 17 and weighs a whopping 65 pounds and some of that has to be attributed to the hardware in his hip;-), you are a little more persistent about eating the calories.

So, we are in a fight. This morning it was a draw. He ate almost half. When school starts, it will be a different story. Do I wait this out or give him the yogurt that he will gladly eat? Yogurt has between 100 and 200 calories and I can not get the extras into that as easily. Definitely not the calcium because that needs to melt for him to be able to eat it.

Did I mention that we went to the neuro yesterday and she thinks Davin is way too thin?? Oi


Melanie L said...

I wonder if he would like something like Wheatena? It's a hot wheat cereal that is toasty-yummy. I like it with maple syrup. Or other hot grain cereals.

Have a good week up in NY!

Shari said...

Could he eat Malt-O-Meal or something like Cream of Wheat? Just trying to think what could help him along. I can't imagine it's any fun trying to force him to eat!

And Heather, I am so thankful I found your blog again! A while ago I moved my blog to a different domain and 'lost' you. Hope things are going well! :-)

Christine said...

I have gone back and read some of your posts. Davin has captured my heart and you also!

Sherri said...

We loved meeting you guys! It was fun and I didn't say it then but I wanted to laugh when Davin did his burps because Isaac also does them in sequence... often after his juice during prayer time :).

My BAD advice is to go back to giving him cereal ;). Isaac has been on yogurt a while and I think he'd like the oatmeal again... I accidentally fed him Zade's baby cereal and he liked it. My best advice is to pray for a creative idea from the Lord.

Christine said...

Hi Heather,

Can you explain to me why the school says what davin can and cannot eat? Just wondering. You are a doing a fantastic job and so is Davin. Frankly I would refuse to eat oatmeal every single day so his behavior sounds realistic for the situation. ;)

Heather said...

Christine, you are so right. If I HAD to eat oatmeal everyday I would throw a big huge fit! Poor Bubby! As for the change in feeding, it is kind of a long story, but the short version is that when we moved to NJ and started with this school, they felt "uncomfortable" feeding him and didn't think he was "safe" when eating or drinking. They insisted we have a swallow study done and my doctor wanted us to wait for a specific clinic. The school documented some lies, I found out, Davin was kicked out of school for three months, he had the swallow study done, had feeding therapy 3 times a week for a while, and the clinic totally changed his diet to a soft diet. I used to feed him everything but chips basically! The swallow study found him to be "safe", but that he was in danger of being "unsafe".

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Can you do oatmeal with yogurt? Or oatmeal with heavy cream (calories!!!)... just an idea :)