Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Giving In

Alan left today for Rochester for the week. Bethany is spending the night with her sister. I have one little 17-year-old boy who is whining in his bed. I am ready to call it quits and go and get him, put him in my bed and he will be asleep in no time. Little twirp:-)

Today was Davin's first day of school (the second for everyone else;-) and the day went well. For dinner, I took Davin and Bethany to Friendly's to celebrate the first day of school. Davin had a HUGE strawberry milkshake (thanks to his bus driver Leslie who gave him the Friendly's gift card) for dinner. We stopped by Costco and Joann Fabric on the way home. I even made up a special first day of school song and sang it to Davin on the way home. You would think he would be tired and want to go to sleep.

Sometimes you just need your Mom... I can relate to that.


Martha said...

Boys know how to tug on their mom's heart strings.

(Did you find the pictures?)

Heather said...

...or maybe he had a fever:-( Still needed Mom.

Martha, what pictures am I looking for?

Martha said...


Kelli said...

I need a mom!

Martha said...

If you click on the individual photos you can copy a decent sized one to your computer. (Or have Alan do it. :))

Heather said...

Martha, when I read the first part, I was thinking you didn't even know me at all;-) When I got to the end, I realized you do know me very well!