Friday, April 15, 2011

Ahhh.... French Fries

I cannot say how much I love french fries.  (Something I share with one of the readers of this blog and you know who you are;-)  It is probably the one food that I could eat every single day.  If I am going to go into a restaurant or go through a drive through and just get one thing, that is it.  Love them. 

Since becoming intentional with my eating, I have intentionally steered clear of french fries.  I went to McDonald's to meet a friend and got no french fries.  Just a fruit parfait:-)  I have gotten sandwiches and opted to not have fries. 

But I let myself have some.  They were good.  They were really good and you know what?  I think I appreciated having french fries even more because I don't usually eat them now.  For the first time maybe ever.....I left a whole bunch on my plate!! 

What is your absolute favorite food?  Good or bad??

1 comment:

Martha said...

Bread. :(

I love bread and I am intentionally avoiding it. (I did accidentally eat a few more MnM's today though.)