Saturday, April 02, 2011

A Moment

Davin was tired today and the house was quiet.  He asked to get out of his chair and onto the couch.  I ran around and did a few more things as he asked repeatedly.  Finally, I scooped him up and instead of putting him onto the couch, I sat him on my lap.  He melted onto me and I watched his big blue eyes close.  I sat there and thought how precious this time was.  I am still getting moments like this with my 18 year-old.  I smelled his hair and kissed his head and looked at his sweet face.  I found myself so thankful.  Thankful for the extra time to hold him close and let him fall asleep on my lap.  I was not able to be sad that Davin won't go to college next year (besides we all know he did not like college;-), that he isn't driving and that I am not running off to watch him play basketball.  I was just thankful for the sweet time with my boy.  I tried to start to imagine how things will be when Davin is 35 and my mind just would not let me go there.  Just like I could not begin to imagine Davin being 18, when he was a tiny little 6 year-old, God just doesn't let me go there.  For now, for today, I just rest in this moment.  I will snuggle with my boy and hold him close and enjoy him sleeping on me. 


Martha said...

This sounds like a gift to me. :)

Natasha said...

Aaaawh - I love those moments too.