Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Tricky Part

I love my kids.  I have loved every stage and age they have been.  Different ages have different pluses and minuses.  Being a parent of young adult kids is a very tricky/challenging/amazing time.  You give advice when asked, but bite your tongue when not asked (okay, or at least try).  You are a BIG cheerleader!  It is so hard sometimes because I am an adult and they are adults.  Sometimes things are said that should not have been said.  Sometimes feelings are hurt.  When everyone is an adult, it is not always clear who is right and who is wrong.  When your children are young, it is so different. 

Wading our way through these years is such a blessing as we watch our kids strive to walk with their Savior.  It is also a hard, hard time trying to figure out our new, or not-so-new roles.   


Martha said...

Yes, this is true. And another tricky part is that you have to love and forgive them even when you know they are wrong, and hope people don't blame it on you when the are just plain stupid. Of course, your children would never do stupid things. I'm just saying.quist

Tina said...

Oh Heather you are so right!!

It is so very tricky!! Often I find myself wishing I could just go back to the....
"because I'm the mom and I said so" days! I bet by the time we figure out these new roles the grand babies will arrive and we'll be in a whole new tricky place as we watch them parent! Ahh life is so full of opportunities to learn.

Martha said...


Oh yeah, it was the word verification... How'd it get on there?