Monday, April 18, 2011


Tomorrow Davin will be having an MRI.  It will be the first time he will be sedated since his surgery and all of the respiratory problems that followed that time.  I KNOW it is different.  I KNOW that.  I do.  I know having a five hour major surgery and being put into a spika cast is a far cry from being sedated for an MRI.   Maybe I am still just a little bit nervous. 

Be still, my soul...He is.


Natasha said...

I'll be praying!!!!!!! It doesn't matter how old they are. It doesn't matter what it's for. It's still just as hard to watch it all... Hope they don't make you watch him as they sedate him - I had to watch them do it with Ryan 5 years ago, for an MRI, and I cried my eyes out. Kylie was sedated for getting tonsils and adenoids out last year without me being there to watch it, and I was fine. It was still hard, but not as hard as it would have been if I had to watch her fall "asleep" that way. Hugs!!!

mommytoalot said...

aww thinking of you and Davin

Melanie L said...

I'm not certain, not being a mom, but I think that being nervous over your child being sedated is part of the mom job description! Being a little fearful can draw you so close to God.

Heather said...

Davin is snuggled in his his Sissy (that is Bethany, Ashleigh is Sissa:-) wrapped with the blankets that he conned from the sweet nurse at the hospital. All went very well.