Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Bonus with Bigger Kids

It is Mother's Day weekend and I was so excited that 3 of my kids were going to be here for the weekend!!  I was thrilled with just preparing for that, but then....  Davin came home from school on Friday with this beautiful Mother's Day gift for his Mama:-)
Isn't it beautiful??  I love presents like this.  I have it on my porch already:-) 

Then, we headed to the airport to pick up one Cheney Alan Scott and then when we got home, Bethany pulled into the driveway and had this very special surprise for Mother's Day for me!!

She surprised me and brought Baby Rocky Balboa!!!!  I was so excited since I miss my puppy so much. 
Well, all of that was amazing, but today first thing in the morning, our doorbell rung and these were waiting for me at the door.....

I have never ever had one of the creations from Edible Arrangements and we ate it for breakfast.  Yummy and beautiful!

Next, my middle kids snuck away for a while and came back and gave me these.....

What a spoiled Mom I am!!! I was thrilled just to have most of my kids with me.  (By the way, and for the record, Ashleigh and Kevin orchestrated the Edible Arrangement:-)   I have decided that one nice thing about my kids getting bigger (because we all know I whine a lot about them being older now;-) is that they have jobs and buy me presents!!! 

Happy Mother's Day to all of my beautiful blogger friends who are Moms!!


Christine said...

Happy Mother's Day Heather!

Martha said...

Happy Mother's Day, Heather! You are one of my favorites!!!

Betsy said...

love the gifts and the love!

happy mother's day to you!