Thursday, May 26, 2011

Davin's Day in Court

He is officially ours again!!  Court went very well last week, although I was wondering in the morning when Davin and Cheney were laughing and carrying on if the judge was going to get more than he bargained for in court.  However, when the judge came in, Davin was very serious and did not make a peep. 

Before the judge came in, Davin wanted to know all about he different parts of the courtroom.  He specifically felt very strongly that he should go sit in the jury box.  He asked us if he could do that on two separate occasions.  I told him no, but later his attorney mentioned that he probably could.  No thank you.  I figured that could get him all stirred up and next thing you know he would be carrying on and lifting his shirt up.  (I don't know if I have mentioned on here, but he really loves to lift his shirt up.  When he meets someone, when he is sitting in church, at the doctor's office, anywhere really:-)  We decided that he would stay where he was and do what he was supposed to do and he was a very obedient boy. 

The judge was only concerned that we were not still NJ residents.  The only questions I had to answer were questions about this being our temporary place of residents.  Once he was satisfied, he was satisfied that we were indeed still NJ residents, he said that Davin obviously needs a guardian.  I was very thankful that I did not have to ask the questions concerning me being his guardian and taking care of him and what that requires.  I just knew that would make me very emotional and I didn't feel like I needed to bare my soul and emotions in front of the judge.  I just want my boy. He is now twice ours.  Good deal.  We will take him!!

Davin Bruce, welcome to the family again:-)


Martha said...

"amoleck" What kind of word verification is that?

So glad he is twice yours and super glad you'll take him! What a great brother Cheney is. It's tough to get nervous when somebody's making you laugh.

Sherri said...

Oh Davin, you have picked a good family. Isaac likes to show off his legs by pulling up his pants. Between the shirt lifting and the going to bed at 4pm to avoid streching I'm not sure Davin is a good influence for Isaac ;).

Heather said...

That is so true Martha:-) Sherri, you are probably right, but I think he will still try to influence him!! Bad or not;-)

Melanie L said...

Davin should have held out for sitting in the judge's chair, and yes, Your Honor, I WOULD like to hold your gavel, thank you sir.

Heather said...

Melanie, that is what I was afraid of!!

Natasha said...

So, soooo happy for you and your sweet boy!!!!
Hugs. Natasha