Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Bubby

One really special thing about this time in our lives is the amount of special time we have spent with Bubby (Davin).  For Davin's entire life, he kept up with our older kids and we took him everywhere and included him in everything.  This time of life is so catered to him, though, and I am enjoying that.  We go to movies that Davin likes.  We take walks together because Davin loves to be outside.  We spend time just hanging out with him and talking with him. 

While we continue to wait for our "new" kids to come home, we will continue to enjoy this time with Bubby. 

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Martha said...

Davin is blessed. I was always amazed by his great attitude (and your endurance) as you made him a part of everything the other kids were doing. VBS, AWANA, vacations, ball games, golf tournaments... He has a very well rounded life. :)