Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Her Time

This time of year, especially this week, takes me back.  It takes my thoughts back to 26 years ago and a very overdue pregnant 18-year-old.  The doctor was concerned that I was overdue and told me to go get a non-stress test.  My due date was September 6th.  Well, I was a non-tylenol-taking kind of girl, so I just assumed that I did not want to get a stress test.  I also declined getting ultrasounds with my first two babies because I thought there were risks to the baby.  I guess the doctor should have thought to explain to me why I needed the non-stress test and what exactly it was.  I just went back home.  The next week, the doctor was a little more emphatic that I HAD to go right to the hospital and get the test done and explained a bit more to me about why it was necessary.  Since I was so young, I was sailing on unchartered waters and figuring things out as I went along.  So, off for the test, we went.  The baby was great, but they gave me a specific date.  If the baby didn't come by Monday, I would be induced. 

So, I went outside and played badmitten and I walked around to try to encourage this baby to come.  Alan was away in Great Lakes, IL having just graduated from boot camp just 6 weeks earlier.  He was anxious to come home and his 19-year-old not-knowing-anything-about-pregnancy self thought that I could make myself go into labor.  He would tell me when was a good weekend and tell me to really try.  Silly boy. 

Soon, my whole life would change.....


Martha said...

I love the nonchalance of youth. I am really curious to know whether you were really so late or if the doctors due date estimations were way off.

I find myself stressed now, thirty years past my big week, than I did back then. Of course, the fact that I went 10 days early probably plays in a little bit. Having our birthday child in Minneapolis makes fixing and sending that birthday treat a challenge. I made 3 pie crusts last night and nothing was working right. Even the cookies I baked turned out flat and greasy, not to mention I accidentally turned the oven off halfway through baking the second sheet... or maybe it was the first?

Happy Birthday to Ashleigh! ... in another couple days.

Heather said...

Hmm, Martha, I am not sure if I was truly late or not. With my other very overdue baby, Davin, I knew that he was actually right on time, but not sure with Ashleigh. I know that a doctor would never let me go that late now!

That is so hard to have Jimmy far away for such a big birthday. He will love whatever you send even if they are flat and greasy;-) I am finding myself very sad that I will not be celebrating with Ashleigh this year either. She is not so far away, but it just doesn't seem right not to be with them on the day that they came into the world. Such special memories.