Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Little Obsessed??

I took Davin to meet a new doctor last week.  I answered a ton of questions about Davin, but for some reason when the doctor asked how "weight was" I wondered if he meant mine or Davin's.  Quickly, I caught myself before blurting out how I had lost 26.2 pounds:-)  I simply asked him if he meant Davin's weight.  He looked at me and said yes and said he didn't mean mine or his and that he had put on a couple of pounds.  I did sneak in, "well, I lost a couple", but that was it:-)  Hmm, maybe I am a little obsessed with my exercising and weight loss, you think???


Summer said...

This made me laugh.

Cute. :)

Martha said...

I'm glad at least one of us benefited from those late night gatherings at Pam's house. (I think I need to get my treadmill back from Bethany...)

Heather said...

Ooh, I have been thinking about getting a treadmill. The only problem is that they take up so much room. I think you should just go over to Bethany's house and work on the treadmill while staring at a beautiful new little boy:-) (Well, in four or five more days!)