Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Hips Don't Lie

Davin's hips don't lie.  Neither do his hip x-rays:-(  After watching Davin's right hip (He has major surgery on the left one almost five years ago.) for the last several months and seeking the advice of our long time physical therapist, we went to the orthopedic surgeon today with our x-rays in hand.  Sure enough...Davin's hip is out of the socket.  Bummer...  Five years ago, his left hip was going out of the socket, but not yet out and that is an easier surgery.  Our doctor assured us that in general, kids who are older teens do not have tone that changes sides, so that the good hip should stay good (at that time, it was the right one).  Well, Davin is a tricky boy and his tone did change.  It changed a lot. 

Our doctor feels that he is leaning toward just leaving it alone.  Davin is not experiencing any discomfort and can still do all of the things that he did before.  Although we are struggling with much tighter muscles for some reason (maybe growth spurts), he is still able to sit well while assisted and is permitted to be in the stander.  In six weeks, we will go back and readdress the situation.  That gives our doctor some time to think things through and also for us to consider the options. 

Davin had been nervous.  I had been explaining my concerns to people and he was really worried.  He was not happy about having the x-rays this morning, either, and I wasn't sure why.  I am wondering if he was thinking that if he didn't get the x-rays, then the doctor couldn't say he needed surgery.  Anyway, once the doctor said he was leaning toward no surgery, Davin was beside himself because he was so happy.  Love that boy.


Natasha Jones said...

Sweet boy!!! Hope (for Davin's sake) that he doesn't need surgery.

Martha said...

I'd be leaning toward no surgery too. I am relieved (for now) along with Davin.

Sherri said...

So excited for both Davin and Cheney! We have struggled and prayed about Isaac's recommended operation. I was scared to read this because I didn't want the answer to be more surgery. We've decided to definitely not worry about surgery here, and maybe not do it at all. We'll get a second opinion in NC. But it comforts me to know Davin has a hip out of socket and he's not in pain. So glad for him! We'll pray you have wisdom for the next step.