Thursday, September 20, 2012

Triangle Eyes

I have triangle eyes and some day you may see me with scotch tape holding up my eyelids.  Don't laugh.  It's true.  It's in my genes.  I have wrapped my head around the whole idea and, as I am now 45, I start to feel my eyelids are just a little bit heavier than they used to be.  In my family, I am not the only one with triangle eyes. 

My grandmother was one of four girls.  Their names were Alberta, Gladys (real name Esther, but she liked Gladys better:-), Hazel and Marjorie.  How great are their names?  Gladys was my Nanny.  Well, those girls had triangle eyes.  When I saw one of my aunts in the mall quite a few years back, she had scotch tape on both of her eyelids.  I was rather surprised.  I had never seen someone sporting scotch tape.  After discussing it with my sister, she told me that her eyes (the triangle ones) had started to droop, but insurance would not cover the surgery yet.  Her eyelids were impairing her vision, so easy fix...scotch tape on the eyes.  Much cheaper, quicker recovery and it is clear:-) 

I inherited those triangle eyes, but I hope I inherited something so much more from those Sooy Sisters.  They were quite a bunch.  The four of them got together once a week (with the two husbands who were still living) and played cards as far back as my earliest memories.  I remember that once I had my four children, I wanted my children to be like the Sooy Sisters.  I wanted them to love spending time together like my Nanny and her sisters did.  Then, one of the sisters was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  My Nanny (who was not particularly brave about medical stuff and told me definitely NOT to call her when I went into labor, but only after the baby was born!) moved her sister Alberta into her house, and those sisters took care of her.  The other sisters would come at different times during the day to ensure Nanny wasn't there alone.  I did not live nearby at that point, but through many, many phone calls, I heard all about the sacrificial love those sisters poured out as they said goodbye to their biggest sister.  I was proud.  Proud to be the granddaughter of Gladys.  Proud to have such love and devotion in my blood. 

When I look in the mirror and see my eyelids drooping a little bit more, it doesn't really remind me of getting older.  It just reminds me of love.  Passed down through an incredible example. 


Martha said...

My eyelids have been drooping my entire life, but I always blame it on the fact that somewhere back there I have an Indian (oops, I meant Native American) ancestor. Do you think Scotch tape would help me too?

Heather said...

Martha, maybe that is it! We have American Indian in us, too. Yes, I do think scotch tape is just the answer for you:-)

Martha said...

How, may I ask, does one wear Scotch tape on the eyelids anyway?

Heather said...

Well, I believe you simply lift your eyelid up to where you would like it and apply the tape. Easy shmeasy:-)

Martha said...

Is that so? Well, when I make my way to South Jersey you can show me how. :)

joeks said...

Whatever works! : )

Heather, from what I've read on your blog, I'd say you have definitely inherited more than facial features. Your love and devotion is quite obvious, and is a wonderful example for your own children!