Saturday, September 29, 2012


All of my children have student loans.  A lot of student loans.  (Well, except for Davin because he decided that college is stupid and he is not going:-)  It has been a struggle to even secure the loans for them.  We have taken out loans and they have taken out loans to complete their education. 

Cheney went into his last semester at college this year with no idea how it was going to be paid for.  We knew he needed to go.  He needed to finish, but Alan's job was ending in September and we did not feel comfortable taking out one more loan in that situation. Cheney is already carrying so many student loans, that he did not know if he could swing another one.  So, he returned to school last month knowing that we had until the end of the semester to figure it out and we waited.  I was just praying yesterday or the day before about it.  Asking God to please provide a way for his semester to be paid for.  Not knowing how in the world it could happen. 

Last night we got a call from Cheney Alan.  He received an email saying that "an anonymous donor had graciously paid his ENTIRE bill for this semester".  The bill was $15,000 and it is paid.  My heart is overwhelmed and humbled by a God who meets our needs and doesn't need our help to figure out how to meet them. 

The picture above is from Cheney celebrating a strike while bowling, but it seems like it might also reflect how he feels now:-)  A celebration as a burden is lifted by a God who loves us very much and laid our need on someone's heart. 


Melanie L said...

That is amazing - I'm happy for all of you that God chose to bless you in this way.

Martha said...

I love miracles. Check out Mitzi's story. God is always on time, even when we aren't expecting anything from Him. :)

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